Cover Reveal: A Life In Frames by Lillian McKinnon


A Life In Frames

by Lillian McKinnon

Blurb: Bike rides, days at the pool, karate class…the more some things stay the same, the more they also change. Now, there’s boys. My best friend Amy pointed out that everyone  but us has seems to have a boyfriend and, sure enough, even my awkward older brother has someone he’s crushing on.

There is suddenly more to going to the pool, to dances and parties, and even just hanging out. We try to impress each other and maybe find our match. I capture all our moments with my camera, always observing and documenting it all for posterity. Will Amy find some fashion sense? Will I find someone who will want to be mine? And my brother, Aeric, who just came out as gay, will he be okay? Life suddenly seems so complicated.

But changes, well, some of them aren’t so bad.

A Life In Frames is coming soon in early October 2014!


And the moment you’ve been waiting for! A Life in Frames cover reveal…


Cover artist: Kellie Dennis


A Snippet from A Life in Frames



About Lillian McKinnon

LillianMcKinnonhardatworkLillian McKinnon is the pen name for a rather sassy 13 year old home educated girl who lives and plays in the Northwest region of England. She doesn’t like being told she can’t do things because she’s a kid, and woe betide you if it’s because she’s a girl. She’s active in Scouts and is avid about karate. She also enjoys long bike rides, photography, kayaking, abseiling, canoeing, swimming, and  is somewhat of an artist. She probably reads far too much, with bookcases full of novels and manga, a Kindle with an ever growing library, and online serials she avidly follows. She also has a fondness for vintage American sitcoms and modern sci fi and fantasy TV shows. When not reading, doing her educational assignments, writing, or indulging in her other hobbies, she spend time gaming with her younger brother, as long as he’s not annoyed her too much that day. Skill she would most like to learn next: surfing.

You can find Lillian on her Facebook or Blog.

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