Book Review: A Twist and Two Balls by Clare London

Guest Reviewed by Trish

1Title:  A Twist and Two Balls
Author:  Clare London
Series:  With a Kick #1
Heroes: Eddy March and Nuri
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 66 Pages
Publisher: Jocular Press
Release Date: August 29, 2014
Available at:  Jocular Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Eduardo Mancini is going to be a star of the London stage and screen. Or that was the plan. His alter ego Eddy March hasn’t got further than the chorus and a bit part in a TV series. His parents aren’t supportive, his agent can’t place his particular skills, and he’s finding it hard to hang onto his young dreams. Things go from bad to worse when he’s late for an important audition, hasn’t got enough to money to pay the taxi fare, and is chased across the streets of Soho by the irate driver.

Eddy reaches what he believes is sanctuary – With A Kick, a store where ice creams are blended with alcohol and imagination, and where his friends can help him. But Nuri the taxi driver is persistent in his steady pursuit, above and beyond the money he’s owed. Despite their very different characters and background, Eddy and Nuri’s relationship goes from a complete unknown to a wary balancing act. There are still mistakes to be made, and hurdles to clear. And both of them have to admit that their life so far hasn’t gone the way they planned.

But maybe being caught by Nuri was just what Eddy’s career needed – both for his job and his heart.


Review: A Twist and Two Balls.. What an odd book title and exactly why I chose to review this one for The Blogger Girls. The story is 66 kindle pages but it didn’t feel like a short story when it was finished. It’s written very well and the characters are so clearly defined that the reader should have no problem connecting with Eddy and Nuri.

Eduardo Mancini is Eddy’s stage name, and he’s hoping to make it big in the acting world. Eddy has big dreams and very little money, as most wanna-be actors. Nuri is Eddy’s taxi driver in Soho, London, and when Eddy can’t pay the full fare, Nuri insists he does before he calls the cops. Nuri may come across a bit aggressive at this point, but he’s calm and rational, so I would say he was just very persistent. So persistent that he follows Eddy to his friend’s dessert shop called, With a Kick. Turns out, Nuri didn’t care about the fare, he had an ulterior motive. Asking Eddy out to dinner.

With a Kick is a very unique ice cream shop. It has a yummy yet standard menu for children. However, they offer an additional menu just for adults. The adult ices/ice cream are infused with ALCOHOL to create amazing desserts. Whoa….alcohol infused ice cream!! I may open my own shop here in the states. During our visit at With a Kick, we meet Eddy’s friend, Lee, and learn exactly what a they mean by a Twist and Two Balls. And this is where the story of Eddy and Nuri’s romance takes off.

I fell in love with Nuri. Hook, line and sinker. I liked Eddy too, but he came across a bit immature at times. At the same time, it was also an endearing quality that Nuri fell in love with. Nuri comes from a large Turkish family. They own a Turkish-themed restaurant that is located near With a Kick, and they play a big role in the story. There are many conversations surrounding Turkish food and desserts, so be prepared to eat after you finish reading.

Even though this was a romance, the theme that made the most impact was going after your dreams. As the story unfolds, we learn there is more to Nuri than just being a taxi driver. Nuri sacrifices a lot to take care of his family, but he has dreams just like Eddy. Of course, with any relationship, there are ups and downs. And thanks to Nuri’s family, they weather the storm and find a way for both of them to make their dreams come true.

A Twist and Two Balls is a quick and fun love story and solidly written. With some short stories they may not have enough page time to build characters or define plot details. This was not the case. The author did a wonderful job with both, because I fell in love with Nuri, and she had me rooting for them from the opening taxi scene. Great start to a new series and looking forward to next installment.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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  1. Thank you for the thorough and enthusiastic review, it’s much appreciated 🙂

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