Book Review: The Windup by Kate McMurray

Reviewed by Trish

1Title: The Windup
Author: Kate McMurray
Series: The Rainbow League #1
Heroes: Ian/Ty
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 214 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 24, 2015
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Ian ran screaming from New York City upon graduating from high school. A job offer too good to turn down has brought him back, but he plans to leave as soon as the job is up. In the meantime he lets an old friend talk him into joining the Rainbow League, New York’s LGBT amateur baseball league. Baseball turns out to be a great outlet for his anxiety, and not only because sexy teammate Ty has caught his eye.

Ty is like a duck on a pond—calm and laid-back on the surface, a churning mess underneath. In Ian, he’s found someone with whom he feels comfortable enough to share some of what’s going on beneath the surface. The only catch is that Ian is dead set on leaving the city as soon as he can. Ty works up a plan to convince Ian that New York is, in fact, the greatest city in the world. But when Ian receives an offer for a job overseas, Ty needs a new plan: convince Ian that home is where Ty is.


Review: The Windup is Book 1 in a new series by Kate McMurray. It’s off to a good start. If you love your men in tight baseball pants and the scenery of NYC, then this story is perfect for you. The world is centered around amateur baseball team, The Brooklyn Hipsters, and not only is it a love story for one particular couple, but it also shares insight into their fellow players. This is a great set up for future books in the series which will be stories about their team mates.

Ian didn’t have the best upbringing in NYC and ran far away after he graduated high school. When he returns for a temporary job in Manhattan, his good friend Josh convinces him to join an amateur baseball team in the Rainbow League. What I liked about Ian was his charm, intelligence, humor and he had a sexy side to his personality. He was prone to panic attacks which were portrayed very well in this book. The attacks didn’t stop Ian from living, he had ways to manage them and still lived life on his terms. However, Ian’s dislike of NYC left me flat. I wish we would have learned more details about why. We did hear his general reasons, tough time in school, distant father, but those happen to kids all over. It would have benefited the story more, in my opinion, to know specific reasons that were tied directly to NYC since that was a pretty big aspect to the storyline. However, that didn’t take me away from the story or detract from the sweetness of falling in love and learning to love your hometown all over again.

Ian’s love interest is Ty. They meet on the field while joining the baseball team, The Hipsters. They have instant chemistry. Their flirty banter was spot on. Ty is a transplant from Texas, an artist who mostly works for publishers doing book covers. But his true love is his painting, which he doesn’t share with anyone. I really liked Ty. He has this confidence about himself and he’s a fun guy to be around, friendly to everyone, etc. but in the end, it’s a front. He hides his true self from many people, until Ian.

The story takes you on a journey through New York City along with Ian and Ty. The author did an amazing job here with the detail and descriptions of popular and not so popular NYC attractions. I really enjoyed reading along as Ty and Ian fell in love while touring NYC. The writing was perfect, as a matter of fact, it may have been too textbook perfect in some areas, which left them feeling a bit flat. However, the chemistry between the MC’s and their sexy love making was smoking hot, so it all balanced out in the end.

This was a solid start to a new series and looking forward to the next book .

Overall Impression: I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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