Book Review: The Kachina Job by A.J. Marcus

Guest Reviewed by Morgan 

26561519Title: The Kachina Job
Author: A.J. Marcus
Heroes: Phillip/Daniel/Shannon
Genre: MMM Paranormal
Length: 200 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  The lion, the jaguar, and the owl against the werewolf. Who will prevail?

Phillip Twohands is a thief and a weremountain lion. When he takes a job stealing an ugly kachina, he never realizes it will change his life forever. Daniel Hernandez is a werejaguar who is hired to steal the same kachina by the same werewolf who hired Phillip. When their paths cross, it becomes clear the tension between them is not all about rivalry.

The local sheriff, Shannon O’Flaherty, catches them in the act and has no choice but to take the two into his personal custody, which quickly ends up with the three of them in bed together.

When they learn the kachina has an ancient wolf spirit trapped inside, they rally to prevent it from transferring its power to the werewolf who hired them, but it will take all the strength in their new bond to succeed.


Review: Phillip, a weremountain lion shifter, has hit a low point and has elected to add thieving to his repertoire, he takes a job by a local bad guy to steal an ugly Kachina doll. His plot gets foiled by another shifter, Daniel, a werejaguar. Daniel has also been “contracted” by the same bad guy to steal the same doll and he interrupts Phillip in his attempt to steal the doll.

The two escape only to get caught by the bad guy and the sheriff, Shannon, a wereowl.

There’s a bit of a tangle, the cats and the owl end up escaping the bad guy, a werewolf with a power problem, and end up at the sheriff’s house. There they find they are unaccountably attracted to each other.

The bad guy makes some trouble, evil spirits and a bruja get involved, and the three men end up saving the day and deciding to explore their bond.


This story read like a bad dime-novel. The language was bulky and awkward. The plot was confusing and hard to follow at times. I usually don’t mind the “insta-love” that you get with shifter stories, but this wasn’t a case of “mine” or “mates” but a strange attraction that later blossoms into something more, but still felt rushed.

Daniel, for no apparent reason, sneaks into bed with Shannon, even though he’s the “cop” to his “robber” and previously he has shown no interest in the man. Nor has Shannon shown he’d be receptive, yet Shannon awaits him with open arms. It felt like it came from out of the blue.

Another thing that kept bothering me throughout the story was the bulky term “wer”. Werowl and weremountain lion, etc, plus the term “wers” to describe people who can shift. It was just an awkward moniker and I wondered at the choice to use that rather than shifter or something a little more fluid.

The triad part of this story was equally unsatisfying because Daniel and Shannon first start to bond and then only as a very awkward afterthought do they include Phillip.

Phillip and Daniel try to get together without Shannon once and something strange happens that is never really explained satisfactorily, but it somehow goes away if all three are involved. The relationship between all three is never very well developed and there were times where I wondered how Phillip even played a roll at all.

One side benefit of reading a ménage is usually some hot smexy times with all three parties involved, and even that was only a small, tepid event near the very end.

A lot of the book centers around the fighting of the bad guys and is fairly involved. There is next to no relationship building or even intimacy in this story, and I never liked the characters very much, simply because I didn’t understand them or their motivations very well.

I can’t say that I recommend this book, but I give it a 2 of 5 stars for using some interesting characters and being willing to diverge from the norm by including unique shifters in the storyline.

Overall Impression: It was ok, but not good

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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