Book Review: Lifeline by Brynn Stein

Reviewed by Susan65

27423117Title: Lifeline
Author: Brynn Stein
Heroes: Eric Duncan/Dennis Hayden
Genre: MM Contemporary/Paranormal
Length: 65 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: November 4, 2015
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Eric Duncan rolls into a quaint Upstate New York town to sell medical supplies. He doesn’t intend to stay long, but an apparently homeless man whom he keeps running into catches his attention. While passersby ignore the man, Eric can’t leave the situation alone.

Dennis Hayden’s last memory is of hiking in the mountains. He doesn’t know how he ended up in town, nor how he keeps popping up in various places. He walks around aimlessly, trying to recall something as simple as his name. He’s not sure what to think of the stranger he sees repeatedly, and who keeps trying to talk to him.

While meeting a potential client at the hospital, Eric overhears a young lady looking for her brother who went missing several days ago, while hiking. Eric recognizes the picture of Dennis on the flyer and sets out to reunite him with his sister.


Review: What a pleasant surprise this short turned out to be. I was expecting one thing, but got something much better. I think I held off reading it because I wasn’t in the mood for bittersweet, and lo and behold, it was not so bitter but definitely a little sweet.

Eric keeps running into what he considers either a homeless man, or someone who needs medical assistance. Whatever it is, he is drawn to Dennis and is intent on helping the confused man. This is not an insta-lust nor a sexy story, but one of humanity and love. Eric just sees someone in a bind and needs to do something for him. Unfortunately, every time he turns around, Dennis disappears on him before he can get him to the hospital.

The mystery isn’t that well kept, and I knew from the beginning that Dennis was more than meets the eye, but it did nothing to detract from my enjoyment of the story. I was more concerned with how it was all going to play out at the end. I admit, it did surprise me in some parts, but it is a really fast, enjoyable read that kept a nice steady pace. Equal parts intrigue and mystery. Were the paranormal aspects too fast and too easy? Of course, but it was still what I needed to read at the time, so no complaints here.

There is a little bit of angst when Dennis comes back to land of living but doesn’t remember Eric, but I had faith, it is a romance novel, after all. And the ending just nailed it.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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