Book Review: The Last Dire Wolf by Kelex

Reviewed by Susan65

28701111Title: The Last Dire Wolf
Author: Kelex
Series: Bloodlines #1
Heroes: Eirik/Gunnar/Leif
Genre: MMM Paranormal
Length: 142 Pages
Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb: Their love is taboo. The crossing of wolven bloodlines is forbidden. Yet Eirik, supreme alpha and king of the wolves, is tired of hiding his love for Gunnar. The last of his kind, he’s cursed to be without a mate during his long life. He refuses his destiny and seeks solace with one of those closest to him.

King’s guard Gunnar knew he could never expect to stand at the king’s side when he let the man take him to bed, no matter how much he began to crave it over the decades. He’d given his life to be a member of the elite warriors, not a king’s consort, but he can’t stop wishing the king could be his.

Moments before Eirik can change the laws governing their world, an old enemy comes baring a unique gift. Perhaps Eirik’s not the last of his kind after all.


Review: Kelex is a new author for me, but I am now thanking my lucky stars I took a chance on someone new. I was instantly drawn in by the blurb, that beautiful cover, and was not disappointed with the words on the inside. I am so looking forward to the sequel to The Last Dire Wolf because now that I have had a taste of this new world, I am eager for more.

One of the things I absolutely adore in my MM books is a third party causing a little jealousy for the happy couple. When that third party also happens to not only be the blood mate of one of the guys, but also the last chance to grow a dying bloodline, the tension and fear of what must happen becomes heartrending and distressing.

Eirik is the last known Dire Wolf, and also the supreme alpha and king of all the shifters; Gunnar is an eastern wolf, a warrior in Eirik’s guard, and the love of Eirik’s life. Unfortunately, the law prohibits the crossing of bloodlines and the two must keep their love affair a secret…and that works for years, until a surprise drops into their laps…an omega dire wolf who also happens to be Eirik’s blood mate. Oh, the unfairness of it all. Eirik can’t help the instant lust and pull to claim Leif, but his love for Gunnar is equally strong and so the battle begins.

My heart was breaking for Gunnar. Forever hidden in the background, he was willing to stay that way because he never doubted his king’s love, but to have another wolf instantly usurp his place and knowing there was nothing he could do just broke my heart. Fortunately, Eirik is a strong wolf and his ability to hold off from claiming Leif until he could figure out what to do with Gunnar saved these lovers. The story is fast paced but covers a lot and it never once got bogged down.

For those who want a resolution and a HFN for our couple …you get it..and so much more. Their story isn’t over, and trust me when I say that Eirik, Gunnar, and Leif all get what they deserve. My only complaint is that the sequel is not released yet.

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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