Book Review: Overtime by T.S. McKinney

Reviewed by JustJen

28627599Title: Overtime
Author: T.S. McKinney
Heroes: Jagger Jameson/Colton Montgomery
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 283 Pages
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press
Release Date: February 11, 2016
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Jagger Jameson could be the poster child for a nasty childhood campaign but he refused to allow it to dictate his future. At an early age, he learned to shut down all of his emotions and focus solely on survival. As it turned out, survival came in the form of a basketball scholarship with the University of Kentucky Wildcats. As the rest of the team around him focuses on having a good time and building friendships, Jagger worries only about using his talent to help him escape the life that was dealt to him. Everything is going smoothly until somebody from his past makes a reappearance, and with just the mention of a name, Jagger finds himself struggling to maintain his cool facade.

Colton Montgomery’s wealth allowed him the opportunity to have just about anything in the world he could desire…except the only thing he’d ever really wanted – Jagger Jameson. When the opportunity to try and tame a Wildcat comes his way, Colton welcomes the challenge.


Review: This is the story of Jagger, a guy who has overcome desertion by his mother, child abuse by his father, and basically having nothing. Through his love of basketball, he found a way out. It was his sole focus – getting the scholarship, maintaining a 4.0 GPA and making sure he didn’t have to rely on anyone again to take care of him. He accomplished all of this, to the detriment of his social life, which is almost non-existent. He has a few friends on his team, but no one close. That all changes in the final championship game that takes place just before he graduates and is about to start his new job.

Colton is the complete opposite of Jagger. He grew up privileged and was everything Jagger hated when he was young. But Jagger caught Colton’s eye. Try as he might though, he was never able to get close to Jagger all those years ago. Finally, he has a chance when his team goes head to head with Jagger’s in the championships.

After basically winning a bet, Colton puts his plan into action to seduce Jagger in the hopes he will fall in love with the still-pining away Colton. Jagger’s biggest issue here is trust. He just doesn’t trust anyone, doesn’t ever think any of their intentions towards him could be good, and he fights it tooth and nail. Oh, and he has been straight up until this point, although he does admit that there was always a spark where Colton was concerned, especially after a few spoken words many years ago, even though he basically hated the guy.

This story grabbed me early on. I really liked the dialog and watching the friendships grow. Jagger’s Captain, Riley, takes steps to deepen their friendship, and Colton’s friends play an important role as well. I was really hoping to see more Riley/Rory action and will keep my fingers crossed for their story. Colton’s friend, Landry, has an interesting story as well, and that looks like it is heading in an exciting direction that I’m really looking forward to reading.

There were various miscommunications with these guys, and you have to suspend your belief fairly often that any of these things could actually be possible where the actions of the characters are concerned. But, it was engaging, sexy and sweet. I enjoyed Colton’s wooing attempts and his gentle handling of Jagger. Colton held a candle for Jagger for many years, believing he was the one, and never let up until he made it happen. I felt bad for each of them at various times and was rooting for them in the end.

Usually, I do not mention issues with editing because much of the time I am reading unfinished versions of a book. However, there were a lot of issues here, so much so that they continually pulled me out of the story. I don’t recall having this problem with other books by Ms. McKinney, so I’ll put it down to this being a bit of a fluke. Hopefully things will iron out in future stories, and, as this seems like the beginning of an interesting series, and I’m really hoping that is the case, as I would love to follow up on the different storylines that seem to be sprouting from this one.

Overall Impression: I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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