Book Review: Signed With a Heart by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus

Reviewed by Morgan 

29942277Title: Signed With a Heart
Authors: Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus
Series: Signed, Sealed, Delivered #2
Heroes: Leo/Taruk
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 91 Pages
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Release Date: April 22, 2016
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Being forced into an arranged mating is the last thing Leo needs, especially when he knows it will end horribly and he’s already falling for another man.

Leo, a cheetah shifter, knows he will be married off to a man of his parents’ choosing. He won’t have any choice in the matter. When his father informs him Antonio will be his mate, he doesn’t exactly like the man, but is determined to make the best of it. Knowing he’ll be cut out of the life he’s known before, he wants to go from Spain to Washington state so he can have a last few days with his best friend Cam. But Cam and his mate are out on vacation and Leo finds Taruk at their house instead.

Taruk doesn’t exactly understand the recent trend in the elk herd he belongs to toward having arranged marriages, but he’s not overly worried about it, since he’s not high on the pecking order. After seeing how happy his best friend Jenner is with his mate, Cam, Taruk wonders if it’s not so bad. When Leo shows up while he’s house sitting, he responds to the fear and sadness emanating from the young cheetah. The two are drawn together only to be torn apart when Leo’s promised mate arrives and takes Leo away.

The two struggle with the feelings their brief encounter has awakened. Then when disaster strikes, only that new love is enough to hold them both together.


Review: Leo is the best friend we met in book one. He has a similar life directive – be mated off as a virgin by his family in order to advance their wealth. He’s resigned to his lot in life – has been bred for it – but he’s hoping he gets a lucky break as his friend did with Jenner.

Well – he doesn’t. He ends up with a grade-A jerk who flat out tells him he’s going to be a slave with no friends. Instead of doing what he should – running away – he briefly has an affair with Jenner’s best friend Taruk – then goes through with the mating.

Without giving away the ending – there’s a lot of awfulness with Antonio – the mate – and Leo ends up in a lot of drama.


I am officially done with this series. I enjoyed book one, thought it was a little odd, but unique can be great, too – and I was interested in seeing what happened to Leo.

This was just difficult to get through.

I didn’t understand why Leo acted like he did from start to finish:
Why mate Antonio? That was never clearly established.
Why mess around with Taruk if you’re going to mate with Antonio?
Why give up your precious virginity if that’s the only thing you have of value?
Why go back to Antonio once you’ve escaped?
Why justify Antonio’s actions to the authorities?

The list goes on…

I didn’t like the story, I thought Leo was unlikable, and I thought Taruk was too nice a guy to end up with Leo.

Overall Impression: It was okay, but not good

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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