Book Review: Love’s Changes by LaQuette

Reviewed by Susan65

30136211Title: Love’s Changes
Author: LaQuette
Series: Losing My Way
Heroes: Bryan/Justice
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 75 Pages
Publisher: Carnal Embrace Romance Publishing
Release Date: June 3, 2016
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: A near-fatal shot through his chest teaches Lieutenant Bryan Smyth of the NYPD two things: He wants to live to see more days and he wants to spend them with his estranged husband, Justice.

Poor decisions made under the strain of grief split the seams of their marriage. Now it’s up to Bryan to show Justice there’s still enough of their love left to salvage from the ruins, still something worth the battle ahead.

Bryan’s shooting has opened Justice’s eyes to new lessons too. The first, tomorrow isn’t promised, the second, life’s too short to live in misery. Justice has watched Bryan shuffle back and forth attempting to balance the man he is at home and the man he has to be at the precinct for too long. Now, he’s done. The only problem is, Justice’s heart is having a hard time adhering to the exit strategy in his head.

Desperate to repair their bond, Bryan does the only thing he can to keep his marriage intact, he calls his crazy sister-in-law, True to stir up some organized chaos. She’s a wildcard, yes. As unstable and deadly as nitroglycerin, but she gets the one thing Bryan needs more than anything, results.

The only question left: Is family and fidelity enough to get them through love’s changes, or is this really the end?

**This book is a spin off from the Queens of Kings series featuring Bryan Smyth and Justice Amare. Although related to the Queens of Kings world, you do not need to read that series to understand this one.**


Review: LaQuette is a new author to me, but I took the chance because I am sucker for established couples who somehow lose their way. That is the premise of this story, and it delivered in all the ways that I loved most.

Brian and Justice have been together for many, many years, but the chaos of life has begun taking a toll on their marriage and relationship. Brian is closeted at work at the NYPD, and Justice can’t take it anymore. He feels like he is playing second fiddle to Brian’s career. Sadly, Brian is a major part of their problem as he initially pulled away from Justice first. These two have a lot to work through and overcome, but the only thing never in question was their love for each other.

Many books about established couples involve boredom, or infidelity. That is not the problem here. The biggest issue was Brian’s lack of communication about exactly why he couldn’t be out at work. We, the reader, get it, but Justice is left in the dark. Fortunately, with the interference of Justice’s crazy militant family, these two are able to overcome and become a loving and committed couple again. It was a little nutty in some ways, as I was really thrown off by the interfering family dynamics, but in the end, it was all good.

I never care whether my characters are white, black, or Chinese; all I want is that connection, but many people are looking for books containing minority characters. If that’s you, then I’m happy to present a loving and committed black couple in Brian and Justice. Enjoy…I did.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*


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