Book Review: Softpaw by Berryl & Osiris Brackhaus

Reviewed by Susan65

29467777Title: Softpaw
Authors: Berryl & Osiris Brackhaus
Series:  Smilodon Pride #1
Heroes: Connor/Michel
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 229 Pages
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 14, 2016
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Connor’s life could have been the dream of any cultured werecat. He is spending his days in Paris’ gay quarter with comfortably little real work, playing the piano, surrounded by art, fine food and good friends. It could have been, if not for a feral vampire preying on the prostitutes of ‘his’ quarter, killing the boys of the Marais one by one.

When Connor invites a newly arrived hooker to stay on his houseboat, the last thing he expects is Michel to be a member of the Brigade Criminelle – a troubled, hunky rookie cop sent undercover to explore Connor’s connection to the murders, picked mostly because he had been a boy of the Marais himself, not so long ago.

Hiding their true nature becomes a problem for both when their realize there maybe is more to their initial attraction. But in order to bring down the serial killer and maybe have a chance at making their relationship work out, one of them will have to
take the first, critical leap…


Review: French, sassy, and sexy, combined with a side dish of a crazed paranormal serial killer. What an eye opening experience this story turned out to be. I was expecting the typical paranormal shifter with a murder mystery thrown in, but what you get is a lot more…and a lot less. The paranormal aspect really isn’t part of the story until much later and the romance develops slowly, as well. So, what do you get? You get a tour of the French gay scene, a safe place for the prostitutes (since prostitution was still legal during this story’s time frame), and an undercover cop with a torrid history trying to find a serial killer by going back on the streets he fought so hard to get off of.

I found I was initially a little lost with all the French words and I had to Google a few things just to see if they were historically correct, which they mostly were, but I was still intrigued and found I couldn’t put the book down. Connor is our American transplant; a super popular piano player and gay prostitute advocate by day and a secret panther shifter slash serial killer hunter by night. He’s a man that seems almost too good to be true. He truly is a nice guy, but also the number one suspect in the murders.

Michel, is a past prostitute turned cop and now undercover as a prostitute again. The man worked hard to beat his addictions, get off the streets, and create a better life, so this undercover work is playing a number on him. It doesn’t help that he genuinely likes Connor and really doesn’t want him to be the killer. These two have their work cut out for them…if they live through this.

These two guys really are a mess. Michel especially acted like an arrogant and self centered tool sometimes. They are attracted to one another but they don’t act on it right away, which I really liked. And they are both full of secrets that could destroy any chance of a relationship before one even begins. Too bad the serial killer has his sights on both of them, and too bad he might just be more than either of them can handle.

This was a great story that I definitely recommend if you can look past the little bit of non-con angry sex and the fact that sex for money is not seen as something unusual and is not a deal breaker for these guys. It took some getting used to for me, but it was basically a cultural thing that I accepted for what it was. So this was a great start to the series, and I look forward to seeing Connor’s brother Roan in the next installment.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*


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