Dual Book Review: Jared’s Salvation by T.K. Paige

Reviewed by Morgan and Susan65

31196177Title: Jared’s Salvation
Author: T.K. Paige
Series: Crossed Paths #1
Heroes: Jared Williams/Colin Ryland
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 153 Pages
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Love can happen fast, but, to make it last, they will have to survive the danger that is coming for them.

When Colin Ryland risks his life to save Jared Williams’ young nephew, he earns the attorney’s gratitude and, much more surprising, his interest.

At first Jared’s only intentions toward Colin are to make sure he’s taken care of while he recovers. Yet as Jared comes to know the brave and caring man, the walls around his heart fall quickly. Colin is hesitant at first, but ultimately can’t resist his attraction to Jared, who holds nothing back where his emotions for Colin are concerned.

Swept up in the ease and passion of their quickly intensifying relationship, they are caught off guard when vague threats are made against Colin and others. But the tension it brings between them will be the least of their problems when they may not survive the danger that is coming.


Morgan’s Review: This book captured me right from the start! The two MCs are very real and likable. Jared is a high-powered, sorta famous attorney for LGBTQ who doesn’t take enough time for himself. Colin is a hard working nurse who looks out for everyone else first. Together they can both look after and be looked after – finally!

They both have funny and supportive families who only add to the story. The children are not really part of the story, though they play a starring walk-on role.

Sure, there’s a bit of insta-love in this, but it almost makes sense. Jared feels beholden to Colin for his actions, but is very attracted as well. Spending so much time together is readily explained by the circumstances and their attraction for one another grows organically. It didn’t feel like a contrived story plot.

The ex is not a comic-book villain, though he is a bit nuts – and the “twist” in the story is believable. (Mostly.)

Except for some very small writing issues (the author doesn’t use as many contractions as feels natural in normal everyday speech) this was a very engaging, mostly believable, sweet and sometimes very sexy love at first sight story with a bit of hurt/comfort romance, with a small, but not distracting, mystery thrown in.

I highly recommend this and give it 4.75 of 5 stars

Overall Impression: I loved it


Susan’s Review:  This was such a wonderful story. Colin and Jared are both pretty incredible men who begin their relationship under less than ideal circumstances. Jared is playing the good uncle by watching his young nephew when the toddler takes off and runs out into the street, and Colin is the unsung hero who willingly puts his life at risk to save him. This is the story of two men who fall for each other in the hospital, because yes, Colin does get hurt, and yes, Jared feels horrible and responsible.

Jared may feel the need to atone for the sin of losing sight of his rambunctious nephew and causing the beautiful stranger to get seriously injured, but the fact that he willingly stays by his side day in and day out has more to do with his attraction to the man. Fortunately, both families are good-natured and their budding friendship is encouraged and supported.

This review, thus far, sounds like this might be a sweet and fluffy read, but in reality, it is a bit heavy on the drama. Colin, our resident nurse and not very good patient, is also on the outs with an abusive ex; and Jared, a highly successful lawyer, is on the outs with a man who lost everything when Jared’s client won his case. The reader is left to wonder which ‘bad guy” is causing all the problems for our newly minted couple.

T.K. Paige is a new author to me, but if this book is any indication of what’s to come, then I am excited to see where it goes from here. This story is well written, is pretty well fleshed out, with likable characters, moderate doses of angst and drama, and a great ending. One can’t really ask for more than that. Highly recommended.

Overall Impression:   I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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  1. Morgan And Susan I would like to thank you both for the wonderful reviews. They were a great way to start the week!

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