Audio Review: Sarge by Bey Deckard

Reviewed by JustJen

31434274Title: Sarge
Author: Bey Deckard
Narrator: Nick J. Russo
Series: F.I.S.T.S. #1
Heroes: Sarge/Murphy
Genre: MM/Sci-Fi
Length: 1 Hour, 32 Minutes
Publisher: Bey Deckard
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Available at: Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time… with the right person.

Sarge is the short story of a burgeoning D/s relationship between two Space Marines stationed on an alien planet where an endless war drags on.

Sergeant Wilkes is a hard man with a long, celebrated military career.

Brawny, tattooed, and utterly submissive, Murphy is just an interesting diversion… until Sarge realizes he has found something truly rare.


Review – Book: I reviewed the book previously here.

I cannot believe I read this book almost two years ago. Due to the fact that I read a lot of books, write tons of reviews for myself, as well as drafting others for the blog, it takes a talented author to write a story and characters that stand out above that crowd. Mr. Deckard is one of those authors who does it every single time. I have never forgotten any of the details about Sarge and Murphy’s story. In fact, as soon as this audio started rolling, every one of those details and scenes came flooding back. I remembered being on that planet when Murph was patching Sarge up, and was back in that room with them when they took things to another level. Every colorful detail was vivid once again, right down to the kaleidoscope of Murphy’s vision. I can practically feel the oppressive heat of their surroundings, the dust and blood that they’ve practically become accustomed to. This is one short story that packs a heck of a punch, and I was excited to relive it again on audio.

Review – Audio: I don’t listen to that many audios these days, but when I saw this was out, and Nick J. Russo was narrating, I one-clicked faster than a speeding bullet. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to pull off Sarge and Murphy. Let’s face it, they are unique characters and Mr. Deckard has painted very clear pictures of how they act and sound. Well, Mr. Russo did not disappoint. He brought these guys to life giving them distinct voices and mannerisms yet making it seem effortless. It is easy to see why he is such a popular narrator. I really hope he continues with book 2 of this series.

Overall Impression: It was amazing!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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