Book Review: Hide and Seek by T.M. Smith

Reviewed by JustJen

31828330Title: Hide and Seek
Author: T.M. Smith
Series: All Cocks #6
Heroes: Dusty Anderson/David Thompson
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 189 Pages
Publisher: TTC Publishing
Release Date: September 2, 2016
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Dusty Anderson left his hometown in Justin, Texas for the Big Apple not long after graduating high school with dreams of becoming an actor. A year later, no closer to realizing his dream but pretty damn close to being broke, he comes across a flyer in a local gay bar that provides a solution to his dilemma. Six years later, Dusty has all but forgotten his dream to be an actor. The family he gained when he went to work at All Cocks and the job itself are enough for him, for now at least.

David Thompson is barely twenty-one, high on life and starting his second year at NYU as an Art student. Now that he is old enough to enjoy the city’s night life, David finds his first crush at a local hot spot in the village, The Monster Bar. Young love is laid to rest though, when David comes out to his mother and older brother with disastrous results.

A tragic incident at the hands of David’s brother changes the course of all of their lives and brings the two together, but is it coincidence or fate? Regardless of unlikely circumstance, Dusty is inexplicably drawn to David, who suddenly finds himself alone in the world. Protective of David from the start, Dusty realizes his extended family at All Cocks and his best friend Kory will not understand this new relationship. Fearing the worst, Dusty plays a dangerous game of hide and seek, risking everything to keep David safe and sheltered.

But hiding can only last for so long, and David and Dusty aren’t the only ones dealing with uncertainties. The Dimir men find that the one thing they’ve longed for might be within reach and Dusty’s father, Dean, arrives in town unexpectedly with secrets of his own. Truths come out and trust is put to the test. Can the All Cocks family find the happiness they deserve?


Review: I have enjoyed this series from the beginning and have been looking forward to David’s story. You really need to read these in order to get a full understanding of the events that have brought the guys to this point.

Dusty is one of the All Cocks porn actors. While in the hospital to support his friends after the vicious attack at the Monster Bar that has affected many of his friends, he notices David is also in residence healing from the injuries he sustained when his brother beat him almost to death before he went postal wreaking havoc at the club. He is drawn to David and remains by David’s side, generally keeping the young man company while he is recovering in a coma.

Dusty realizes David was also a victim of his brother’s actions and doesn’t let that cloud his judgment of David as their friendship grows. It is for this very reason though that he keeps David’s identity a secret from his friends/family, knowing they might not feel the same and wanting to shield David from any more hurt. With the help of Tristan, David regains more control over his life, emotions, etc. At the same time, it becomes clear that keeping David a secret for very long isn’t the best course of action for all involved.

I loved watching David finally find some love and peace. He had a pretty negative upbringing with his fanatical mother and evil brother. Dusty was exactly what they needed, and David ended up being just what Dusty needed as well. They made a sweet couple, and the rest of the guys showed their true colors as they eventually came through and made David a part of their family.

So many people are connected, either by blood or relationships, but it is pretty easy to follow. It was a tiny bit confusing at times keeping David and Dusty straight, especially when they would each call the other “D.” But it doesn’t take much to figure things out.

It was great seeing the other guys again in the various stages of their lives with some getting engaged, some growing their families, etc. We also meet Dusty’s parents, and see his father find someone special in the process. This was a sweet story, aside from the bad things David must overcome, and I was not disappointed with any of it. The All Cocks family continues to grow, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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