Audio Review: Gay for Pay by T.M. Smith

Reviewed by Susan65

513e60avw7l-_aa300_Title: Gay for Pay
Author: T.M. Smith
Narrator: Tony Clark
Series: All Cocks #1
Heroes: Chris/Linc
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length:  4 Hours, 27 Minutes
Publisher:  TTC Publishing
Release Date:  January 12, 2016
Available at: Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Christopher Allan Roberts thought he had a promising future; Captain of the football team with the promise of a scholarship to play for Alabama. His high school sweetheart and best friend for as long as he could remember, Amanda, by his side, and the love and support of his family. One night, one mistake changed everything. Chris moves to New York, adrift and alone. A walk one night brings him to the flashing lights, loud music and thrumming bodies at club Berlin. A flyer in the men’s room promises fame and fortune for anyone willing to go on camera and have sex, with another man. Money is money, and how hard could it be, right?

Christopher Allan Roberts becomes Kris Alen, All Cocks newest addition, a gay for pay porn star.

Lincoln Carter is honest with everyone in his life, including his family, about who he is and about his sexual preferences. Linc Larson, the openly bi-sexual gay porn star will do anything with anyone, which pretty much writes his ticket in a versatility charged industry. It’s not his sexuality that interferes with his personal life; it’s his inability to trust.

What Linc wants right now, more than anything, is the chance to do a scene with All Cocks newest acquisition, Kris Alen. Six foot two with Auburn hair, an exquisitely toned and inked up body, Kris Alen is sex personified. Linc doesn’t know if it’s the “I want the shiny new toy” aspect that calls to him, or the distant and wounded expression that haunts Kris’s eyes.

Linc figures out early on that Kris is only working the gay for pay angle that All Cocks brings to his bank account. Can a bi-sexual man with trust issues break down the barriers that Kris has built around himself and help Christopher overcome the painful past he is running from.

Gay for Pay is a gay for you story about two men that will have to come to terms with the mistakes they made in their past, if they want to stick around and have a chance at a future.


Review: Jen reviewed the book here previously.

This was a tough story / audio for me to review. I was drawn in instantly to the story-line surrounding Chris, but I struggled a little bit with the narration. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of emotion in the voices and the narration was just that, narrating and not performing. When I listen to an audio I prefer to have the full experience and just listening to a book being read to me doesn’t normally work.

I loved the back story on Chris and his path from heaven to hell. He had it all going for him, but a stupid mistake cost him everything…but gained him Linc. One wonders if fate is really such an awful thing if loss brings you your happy ever after. What happened to Chris with his fall from grace and the fact that everyone wrote him off was just terrible. People make mistakes but family, at the minimum should find it in their hearts to forgive. Sadly, Chris was cut off cold. That severed line is what brought him into considering doing porn. The straight guy considering gay porn. Loved the insight into the business and the way the company was really a family.

I enjoyed the relationship building with Chris and Linc. I loved how Linc struggled with Gabe being in the picture, even if it was just for “work”. And I loved that Linc had a past, too. This is a fast audio and things happen quickly, but it was entertaining. I was little put off with Linc’s accent, but considering he was southern belle I learned to deal with it. So mostly, I liked the story, I look forward to seeing where they go from here, and the narrator grew on me. I wish he would put in more of a performance, but for the most part I was entertained so I consider it a win.

Overall Impression: I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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