Book Review: Back Piece by L.A. Witt

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: Back Piece
Author: L.A. Witt
Series: Skin Deep Inc. #1
Heroes: Colin Spencer/Daniel Moore
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 316 Pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press/Swerve
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Colin Spencer is a tattoo artist with a past he’d prefer to keep a secret. Actually, he has a few secrets that he’d rather people didn’t know about, which is why Colin doesn’t do commitment. But when a shy sailor approaches him at the gym, Colin finds this guy pushing all his buttons.

Growing up in a conservative family, then escaping with the Navy, Daniel Moore is an unsure virgin who feels like he can’t share his true self with anyone. Seeing Colin—and his tattoos—at the gym are the sign Daniel needs to finally get those tattoos he’s always wanted, and maybe try his hand at flirting.

As Colin and Daniel spend more time together, their awkward hesitations turn into a deep passion neither expected. But with both men harboring secrets, will their relationship be able to survive their insecurities and become something beautiful?

Back Piece is a sexy, emotional journey of two people learning to love and finding acceptance for who they really are.


Review: What an enjoyable story this was! Two guys who had small secrets but didn’t wait forever to disclose them thereby removing the often seen too much inner struggle about said secrets.

Colin is a tattoo artist who suffers from an eating disorder. That disorder was exacerbated by an abusive controlling ex whom he met at the end of his porn career. He is now at a new stage in his life thanks to his brother, therapist and physical trainer/nutritionist, but he still struggles from time to time. It is during one of his workouts where he meets Daniel, a Navy crewman who comes in with his other buddies to start with their own trainer.

Daniel is a total sweetheart. Brought up by very religious, homophobic parents in small-town Iowa, he counted down the days until he was able to escape by joining the Navy. However, due to his circumstances, he was unable to have any actual sexual experiences, and the older he got, the harder it became for him to do so, given his inexperience. But he is a determined young man, and when he meets Colin, they have obvious chemistry. They tiptoe around each other for a short time though before finally making a move. Daniel wants his first tattoo, so that is the start of their relationship.

I loved watching these two start things up. Colin was fabulous at easing Daniel’s worries and anxiety, whether it was during the tattooing or as they explored each other further. As I said earlier, they don’t wait too long for their secrets to come out. It causes some reluctance on each of their parts, but decisions are made rather quickly to talk with each other about what they were holding back – Daniel with his lack of experience and family issues; and Colin with his porn past and eating disorder.

Together, these two were smoking. They don’t jump right into anal sex instead taking their time enjoying other things and moving forward when Daniel was more comfortable and ready. Initially, it seemed they didn’t do much together besides tattoo Daniel and have sex, but that time was spent on getting to know each other as much as anything else would have done.

I loved the support systems both of these guys had. Daniel has some great friends in his squad, and I’m hoping one of them will get more page time in the follow up books in this series. I was disappointed there wasn’t an epilogue with this story, as the issue of coming out to Daniel’s family felt like it needed a bit more closure one way or the other, but, all in all, this was quite the enjoyable story. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the story takes us in the next installment!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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