Book Review: Sex in C Major by Matthew J. Metzger

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: Sex in C Major
Author: Matthew J. Metzger
Heroes: Stefan/Daz
Genre: MM Contemporary BDSM
Length: 426 Pages
Publisher: JMS Books
Release Date: May 27, 2017
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Stefan has … fantasies.

He knows chasing those fantasies is only going to end in disaster, but he can’t seem to stop his self-destructive spiral. He’s a transgender man struggling to come to terms with the intersection of his identity and his sexual fantasies as a submissive. He needs someone to take control before he loses it completely.

Daz can take control. He can teach Stefan everything there is to know about sex and submission, but for some reason, he can’t get inside Stefan’s head. Daz can stop Stefan’s self-destruction but not the fear that fuels it.

Stefan needs to know who he is before he can accept what he is. And it’s Yannis — Daz’s aromantic, asexual, stern, and sarcastic partner — who has the answer.


Review: Every once in a while I like to push some boundaries and read and hopefully learn more about something I would not typically find on my shelf. This pushed a few of mine, but the warnings are all there so you basically know what to expect.

Stefan is a young guy who was on his own after having been kicked out by his mother and grandparents. He has quite a few issues he’s dealing with that are all intermingled with one another. He has (I believe) a pretty bad case of body disphoria and wants to transition but does not have the means. Believing his other issues of wanting rough and painful sex, wanting to be owned and nothing more, would prevent any doctors from actually prescribing the meds he needs to accomplish this, he spends what little money he gets buying the hormones over the internet. He was in a sort of loop here because the hormones made his sex drive go through the roof, but having feelings and wanting sex with his female parts screwed with his mindset of being a man, which made him hate his body even more.

Luckily for Stefan, he meets Daz one night out at a bar. Daz was amazing – seeming to accept Stephan in whatever form he presented and not shying away from giving Stefan what he wanted or needed. It does take a bit for them to square things away in that regard, but suffice to say, he seemed to have Stefan’s best interests at heart. One obstacle was that Daz had a partner, Yannis.

I loved Daz and Yannis. They were best friends and simply got each other. Since Yannis was asexual and simply didn’t want to be touched, cuddled or otherwise, let alone have the kind of sex Daz enjoyed, Daz was free to find that elsewhere. Yannis was an extremely complex character. There are a lot of layers to him and how he participated in his own relationship with Daz and with Stefan. He was always clear that Stefan was Daz’ plaything and responsibility and was happy to leave it that way.

Much of this story is Stefan and his inner turmoil. It is difficult to imagine someone living with everything involved in being trans without the added issues Stefan had. Stefan was on the road to self destruction and still traveled there a time or two after his “relationship” with Daz began. Even though Daz was able to help Stefan find various ways to cope with things, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to see where Stefan would have ended up had he been left on his own.

This was an extremely well-written story that was chock full of emotions, even if they weren’t always typical. It wasn’t exactly a romance, but there are pretty heavily detailed reasons for that. I did struggle with the mechanics of things here and there, but Google was my friend and helped paint somewhat of a picture to help me understand what I was reading. My eyes were definitely opened a time or two, and while this is a long story, I was turning pages to see how things would turn out. If you like to push your boundaries a little and can set aside any preconceived notions about how you think things should be and can just open your mind to someone else’s story, I think you will enjoy reading about Stefan’s journey. I know I did. 🙂

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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