Book Review: Double Cross by Lissa Ford

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: Double Cross
Author: Lissa Ford
Series: Doubleback #3
Heroes: Jude/Rowan
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 227 Pages
Publisher: Lissa Ford Books
Release Date: September 20, 2016
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Happily ever after wasn’t supposed to be this complicated.

At last, Jude Anderson and his lover, homicide detective Rowan Muir, are settling into domestic bliss. Or so it seems. Rowan says all the right things, and the sex is still hotter than ever. But something isn’t quite right, and Jude can’t put his finger on what it is.

Then Jude’s sister drops a bombshell that she’s getting married—and guess who gets to throw the bachelor party.

It’s all puppies and rainbows and wedding plans until murder rears its ugly head. The case involves a close friend, old grievances, and conflicts that set Jude and Rowan on a collision course that could tear them apart.

Double Cross is a 66,000 word novel of mystery, romance, banter and sexytimes. It is intended for mature audiences.


Review: Oh my God, I do believe this author is trying to kill me. Here I was, thinking book three would culminate in Rowan and Jude finally getting their act together, finally getting past the drama that is intent on destroying their relationship, and finally moving away from murder and mayhem. Well, no, not even close. This round was probably the most emotional for me as I’d kept expecting things to settle down but instead they were heading in the opposite direction. And now, I am of the mindset that they are nowhere near done and I am expecting a book four in this series.

First off, Rowan is being manhandled by his new police chief slash new partner. The man hates him and blames him for the death of Rowan’s last partner, who’d died earlier in the series. So poor Rowan is trying to recover from being shot by an arrow, dealing with unmitigated distrust and anger from his chief, and dealing with Jude not listening to him and sticking his nose in his latest homicide investigation. Jude was a pain in the butt in this one. I loved him, but he knew better than to get involved and I didn’t blame Rowan for the actions he took once the ramifications of Jude’s involvement became known. But, I do wish Rowan would have unpacked his boxes…those boxes were a reminder that they still had miles to go before they were on safe relationship ground.

The annoying aspect was Jude’s sister. I really dislike family members steamrolling over others to get their way and then complain when it’s not up to their standards. Seriously, I would never allow that in my life and I have trouble believing it in books so that never really works for me. Probably the only part of the book I skimmed a little bit on.

AND, to top it off, Rowan has this tragic medical condition that comes to light at the end of the book. It ends on a positive note, but just barely. There must be another book, right?

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*


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