Release Day Blitz: Love by Number by DJ Jamison + Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Love by Number by DJ Jamison

Aidan doesn’t have the best record with relationships, but he’s had a lifelong love affair with baseball. Player stats and computer simulations make sense. People don’t. But when he needs a ride to the World Series, he must rely on another person: a sexy artist who is as spontaneous as Aidan is predictable.

Jesse doesn’t care about baseball. As an artist, he’d rather paint a player than watch him at bat. But his grandpa loves the Kansas City Royals, so he takes him to every home game. He has no idea a fender bender in the parking lot is about to deliver new inspiration in the shape of a man with a whole bag of quirks.

Despite their differences, Jesse and Aidan hit it off, and their sexual chemistry is fantastic. But when Aidan’s numbers betray him, Jesse isn’t prepared for the fall-out. If Aidan continues to put his passion for baseball stats above everything else, he could miss out on the most important numbers in life: the number of smiles, kisses and laughs they could share in a lifelong journey together.

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Exclusive Excerpt from Love by Number

Jesse pulled in at the next gas station and went inside to buy a few snacks, while Aidan stretched his legs. He didn’t eat much and felt no desire to get dragged into another Jesse road-trip tradition of eating sugary crap.

When he returned, Jesse poured the contents of a pixie stick down his throat and turned to Aidan. “We’re nearly to Marshall now. Ready to pop your roadside attraction cherry?”

“My what?”

“You know, you’ve never done this before, right? Ready to see your first one?”

“I guess. I still say this is a waste of time.”

“You need to live a little.”

“I’m breathing, therefore I’m living more than a little. Though how long that will continue with you behind the wheel is anyone’s guess.”

Jesse laughed. “I bet you drive like a grandma, huh?”

Aidan snorted. “No. I drive like a grandpa, or more accurately, like a 27-year-old male who wants to continue living more than a little.”

Jesse laughed harder, to his surprise. Aidan knew he could be rude sometimes, especially when he was out of his comfort zone. Being here with Jesse, a free-spirited type of person who was likely to be annoyed with Aidan’s rigid personality, was definitely uncomfortable. But so far, Jesse hadn’t shown any irritation.

“You’re funny,” Jesse said as he put on the blinker and slowed to take the next exit. “I like it. I figured this trip would suck big hairy balls—”

Aidan made a face at the mental image.

“Not that sucking balls is always a bad thing, right?” Jesse said with another one of those winks.

Aidan couldn’t fathom what it meant. Did Jesse think Aidan sucked balls? He’d done it once with a guy who’d had a real fetish and begged for it, but it wasn’t really his thing. How would Jesse even know about it?

“Aidan, you okay?”

Jesse’s dark eyes studied his face. Aidan blinked away his chaotic thoughts. He’d probably misunderstood Jesse’s comment, that’s all. He forced a smile.

“Fine. Let’s go.”blogger_bee_trans

About DJ Jamison

DJ Jamison grew up in the Midwest and worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years, which came in handy when she began writing stories centered on a series of love connections between small-town Kansas newspaper staffers, their sources and their readers. It was the perfect entrance into the world of fiction, and she has since branched out into ERs, health clinics and other settings to tell the stories of characters who are flawed but loveable. She writes a variety of queer characters, from gay to bisexual to asexual, with a focus on telling love stories that are more about common ground than lust at first sight. DJ is married with two sons and two glow-in-the-dark fish that are miraculously still alive.

Find out more about DJ on her Website, Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Goodreads or sign up for her newsletter.



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