Release Day Blitz: Angels and Man-Beasts by T.L. West + Exclusive Excerpts & Giveaway!

Angels and Man-Beasts

by T.L. West

Zachary is an ordinary young gay man. He works for his father, has a crush on his straight roommate, and likes to procrastinate.

While visiting his aunt’s old cabin, he finds a wounded man, and the door to safety is forever closed. At first, Zachary doesn’t know what to make of the handsome stranger dressed as a knight, but he feels a connection with him.

Zachary’s life is turned upside down as his eyes are opened to the supernatural world. Not only must he survive dangerous man-beasts, but he is also forced to make sense of what it means to fall for an angel, and involve himself in a war between the Gods.

Available at: NineStar Press & Amazon


Exclusive Excerpt from Angels and Man-Beasts

Monday morning

Zachary tried to finish his assignment on his laptop as he sat on his bed. He was just not in the mood, even though he knew it was an important part of the project his dad was working on.

It had been his mother’s idea for him to work in the family business after his graduation. According to his parents, it would give Zachary much-needed experience before he was ready to start applying for a job in other companies. At first Zachary had declined, but due to his parent’s constant nagging, he’d had no choice but to accept.

He had been working for his dad for a few months now. It wasn’t a bad job. He could check for errors in software from the comfort of his apartment.

Zachary’s mind immediately went to his roommate, Christopher. He’d already been living in the two-bedroom apartment when Zachary had moved in. Christopher was six feet tall, had piercing blue eyes, wavy brown hair, and loved to work out. He was also very smart. He worked at a nearby laboratory as a chemist. He was also perfect boyfriend material as far as Zachary was concerned.

“But he’s straight,” sighed Zachary as he looked at the lines of code on his laptop screen.

He brushed his black hair away from his forehead. Zachary had never been one of those gay men who would try to hit on a straight man. It just wasn’t his style, or perhaps he didn’t have enough confidence to initiate such an interaction. He wasn’t sure. He had a nice friendship with Christopher, and he didn’t want to risk losing that over some weird fantasy. He wouldn’t be able to look at himself if Christopher rejected his advances.

“And why would he even be interested in me?” Zachary asked himself as he tried to type out a line of code. “If by some miracle he does decide to hook up with another man, I doubt it’s going to be me.”

He liked thinking out loud when he was alone. But he’d also been trying not to do it too much. It had started to feel weird. It made him realize just how lonely he was.

Zachary wasn’t the best-looking guy around, but he wasn’t the worst-looking either. People did compliment his looks, but none of them said anything about his face or physique being irresistible. I guess being average is good too, he thought.

There was a knock on his door. Zachary stopped typing and looked up from his laptop. “Come in,” he said, knowing all too well who it was.

“Hey!” Christopher opened the door and looked inside. He was only wearing a pair of denim shorts and had a towel slung over his right shoulder.

“Hi.” Zachary smiled at him, trying to keep the beating of his heart under control. Preventing his gaze from wandering down to Christopher’s crotch was a real struggle, but somehow he managed—though he didn’t know for how long.

“I’m going to take a shower,” said Christopher. “I also have some dishes in the sink, which I’ll get to later. Just letting you know in case you feel you might have to finish after me if you go into the kitchen.”

“Yeah, I’ll let you clean the dishes when you’re back.” Zachary nodded.

“Okay, I’ll leave you to your work, dude,” he said and closed the door.

“Not only is he straight, he’s also clean and super nice,” sighed Zachary as he rested his back against the pillow behind him. “And now he’s taking a shower.”

Zachary closed his eyes. Damn it! His cock began to stir. He couldn’t get the image of Christopher out of his mind. He looked so sexy in his denim shorts. Zachary wondered what it would feel like to touch Christopher’s skin, to kiss him, to have him on top of him, having sex until they were exhausted.


About T.L. West

T.L. West is an author of paranormal romance, mystery and fantasy. He enjoys writing characters that grow during the story and feel relatable to readers. His stories are a mix of romance, action, and danger. He’s been writing since high school. He has a degree is Human Genetics. Along with writing stories he also loves staying healthy, drawing, reading and taking the time out to relax. He likes maintaining his privacy. You can find T.L. on Twitter.




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