Book Review: Jared’s Evolution by Riley Hart

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: Jared’s Evolution
Author: Riley Hart
Series: Jared & Kieran #1
Heroes: Jared/Kieran
Genre: MM BDSM
Length: 181 Pages
Publisher: Riley Hart
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: He wants to dominate me…to discipline me. He wants me to call him Daddy…

I’ve always taken care of myself—worked hard to become king of the courtroom and excel in the cutthroat business of winning cases. I’m fierce…brutal…confident. I’m a lie. Underneath my armor, I’m drowning, losing myself under the weight of life. At thirty-three years old, I should be able to handle the pressure.

My neighbor Kieran sees past my spotless suits and manufactured control to the real Jared. The one who secretly craves being dominated, to serve, and to give up control—not just in the bedroom, but in every aspect of my personal life.

I can’t want this…but I do… When I’m under Kieran’s command—spanked, rewarded and caged—I’m free. With Kieran’s care and guidance, my mind is unburdened as my body soars to new heights, and Kieran becomes what we both need him to be: Daddy.

It’s a journey of dominance and submission—of rules, schedules, security and discipline. He opens my world, teaches me, changes me…but he doesn’t let me in. It’s temporary, Daddy tells me, and I’d be wise to remember that, so I don’t get hurt.

Warning: Jared’s Evolution contains BDSM elements, domestic discipline, spanking, and daddy kink—without age play—between two consenting adults. If any of those things offend you, reading this book might not be a good idea.

Jared’s Evolution is part of the Desires Unleased collection. Some books in this collection will have darker themes. Please be aware Desires Unleashed are er*tic and not your typical Riley Hart romance. You can expect the mental and emotional journey to be led by the physical/s*xual moments—which will be intense, frequent and kinky.


Review: This is a daddy kink story, not to be confused with someone with daddy issues. If that isn’t your thing, turn away now. If it is, I think you will most likely really enjoy this.

Jared is a successful lawyer who is putting up a good front. He is spot on at the office, but the lack of structure/rules is taking its toll in his personal life. Thankfully, he meets his neighbor, Kieran, who senses he might just be what Jared needs. He breaks him in slowly though, introducing him to the various aspects of D/S and BDSM a little at a time, during which, Jared realizes the structure Keiran can provide is exactly what he has been needing.

Kieran has some pretty specific requirements though, and keeping their “relationship” as Daddy/Boy only without romance involved is one of the biggies. He takes care of Jared and takes his Daddy role very seriously wanting to provide and care for Jared under those parameters, but he has been adamant about not allowing feelings to be involved. Jared initially agrees, not wanting an actual relationship in his life either, but over time, it is easy to see that is changing. Will he follow Kieran’s requirements of letting him know that feelings have changed? Will Kieran’s feelings on the matter change? Or will he do as he suggested and find Jared another Daddy to take care of him? These are the questions left at the end of this installment, so if you are someone who needs closure, you might want to wait until the rest of the books are out.

This was a different story for Ms. Hart to write, and I think she did a fabulous job. I did find it a little more difficult to get fully into these two knowing they were only in a Daddy/Boy relationship with little to no chance for more. Perhaps that will change as more feelings are brought into play. I love a good Daddy/Boy story, but this one has a lot of Daddy in it – Yes, Daddy. Can I do this, Daddy? I think I felt as uncomfortable as Jared with using it so often, but it does get easier as the story goes on. The one thing that did pull me out of the story though, was the use of Daddy in third person. Kieran often says things like “Daddy wants you to strip now” or “Daddy thinks you should do this or that.” It gave it a more immature feel to it for me when Kieran was sure to explain early on that it has nothing to do with age. But, other than that, I really enjoyed it and am really looking forward to how it is all going to play out.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*



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