Book Review: Personal Challenges by K.C. Wells

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: Personal Challenges
Author: K.C. Wells
Series: Personal #4
Heroes: Will/Blake, Ed/Collin, Rick/Angelo
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 250 Pages
Publisher: Island Tales Press
Release Date: April 7, 2017
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Will and Blake couldn’t be happier. They have a beautiful little boy, Nathan, and Sophie finally has the little brother she’s been demanding. But all is not bliss in the Davis household. Coping with reality is going to change all their lives.

Rick and Angelo are sick and tired of trying to get a wedding organized. If it was up to them, they’d be married already, but Angelo’s mother has plans and they keep getting bigger. Angelo can see problems on the horizon: big, traditional Italian wedding and gay do not go well together. Something’s got to give.
Colin receives an unexpected call from an ex, with bad news. He feels compelled to help, regardless of the consequences. Ed loves Colin’s big heart and supports him in his efforts, but when the truth comes out, he finds it difficult to keep a lid on his emotions.

As the coming months unfold, the friends are going to need each other more than ever.


Review: How did I miss this installment? If it weren’t for a review on Goodreads flowing through my timeline I would have completely missed it. So, thank you random person for bringing it to my attention. I loved this series. It is a fast and easy to read series full of emotion and feelings, both good and heartbreaking, but it was also very satisfying. It is sexy and funny and full of love, in other words, it was everything that I love in a book, and in a series.

This installment is basically a follow up on all of the couples from the previous books and it was so awesome to check it and see how our men were getting on. Considering established couples are one of my favorite tropes, it is not a surprise that I loved this one, too. I am all for watching men meet and do the mating dance, but there is something to be said about seeing them interact and persevere through life as a couple. I love that they face challenges but they come out on the other side stronger than ever.

Ed and Colin were easily my favorite couple in this series and I eagerly gobbled up their story here. There is just something special about two large, athletic men, who unabashedly love each other. They were equals in every way, and Ed’s Irish accent and his way with words just resonated within my heart. He is such an amazing character, and Colin in a very lucky man.

Will and Blake are thriving in fatherhood, but baby Nathan just about broke my heart. I am a huge proponent of the deaf community and want to learn sign language, but my heart definitely hurt when the guys suspected Nathan may be deaf. K.C. Wells did a stellar job of tackling that issue and I give her two thumbs up for pulling it off.

Rick and Angelo are still dealing with the large Italian contingent that is Angelo’s family, but at least this time it is their imposition of their wedding plans and not the hot topic of their sexuality. It was kind of funny, but also so annoying for Rick, too. I can’t imagine being in his shoes and I was glad that Angelo put his foot down and put Rick first. Yep, still love the big guy.

But, the overriding theme in this book was friendship between all of the men, and their perseverance through the good times and bad. In the end, though there were some heartbreakers, but you finish this book, and this series, knowing that all is right in their world and you can happily move on.

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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