Seeing Red: Interlude by T.C. Orton: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Seeing Red: Interlude

by T.C. Orton

As I looked at the thing staring back at me in Benjamin’s reflective lenses, I felt the weight of my humanity lift. My essence, my individuality, my wants and needs and aspirations… All of it gone, all of it meaningless. And in it’s wake, a monster took hold; a monster with eyes like fire, skin like ash, and nails like knives.

I was free, and in my freedom, I gained some profound knowledge.

I was going to tear them to shreds. I was going to revel in their deaths. I was going to slaughter them both, drain them of their innards, and walk away with a smile on my face.

“Sorry, Benjamin,” I grinned as the pulse devoured me. “Dying here wouldn’t be fitting for a prince.”  

Before he could retaliate; before he could formulate a retort, I rammed my fist into his throat. Not around, not a grip, not a hold, but into his throat. I wore his neck like a glove and felt his insides sloshing between my fingers. Then, I raised him up, and watched as blood oozed out around my hand. 


About Seeing Red: Interlude

The prequel to the sequel. Seeing Red: Interlude bridges the gap between the final numbered chapter of Seeing Red: Scorched and the epilogue that follows it. 

Christmas has arrived. Isaac and Kyle are under constant surveillance from the newly formed Princes’ Guard at Moss, Aiden and Troy’s request. Their nest has been pulled in different directions, leaving the two of them alone at a time usually spent with family. Kyle sees that Isaac is struggling with his separation from Moss and decides to introduce him to a new aspect of the ‘Paranorm’ world. Meanwhile, the consequences of Isaac’s actions a year prior begin to manifest in an unexpected form, which puts himself – and everyone around him – in harm’s way once more. 

* This is the sequel to Seeing Red: Scorched and shouldn’t be read as a standalone. 

Available at: Amazon


About T.C. Orton

Born January 6th 1993, T. C. resides in the United Kingdom, living with his partner Peter Jones and their dog, Drake. 

T. C. has had a passion for supernatural stories from a young age, often scribbling down his latest ideas instead of focusing on whatever task was at hand during the long school days. At the age of twelve, he penned his first romance story featuring himself and the boy he had feelings for set in a fantastical land full of werewolves and wizards. Ever since that day, T. C. has made it his mission to entwine his leading gay protagonists with epic paranormal adventures.

Find out more about T.C. on his Facebook, Facebook Author Page, Facebook Fan Page or Patreon.


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7 thoughts on “Seeing Red: Interlude by T.C. Orton: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

  1. jenf27

    Thanks for the post! And congrats on the release. My favorite read this year so far was Southernmost Murder by C.S. Poe.

  2. jodi marinich

    congrats TC–love the post today

  3. Susana Perez

    P.S: I Spook You by S.E. Harmon is my fav so far

  4. H.B.

    I don’t have one yet. Congrats on the release!

  5. Jen CW

    Favorite read so far in 2018 was Heart Unheard by Andrew Grey​​

  6. Purple Reader

    Congrats and thanks for the excerpt. This has an interesting timing, being the prequel to the sequel. And I love that cover.

    • Purple Reader

      Oh yeah, and my fav read so far this year is a re-read of an old fav mystery, Blind Eye by John Morgan Wilson.

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