Book Review: Snowed In: Hunter’s Story by Adira August

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: Snowed In: Hunter’s Story
Author: Adira August
Series: Hunt&Cam4Ever #3
Heroes: Hunt/Cam
Genre: MM Contemporary BDSM
Length: 148 Pages
Publisher: Adira August
Release Date: February 1, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Trapped by the blizzard outside…

HunterDane & Camden Snow contend with the storm raging inside.

In the pre-dawn darkness, Hunt moaned and thrashed under the comforter. Finally, the nightmare receded. He settled, breathed deeply several times, and opened his eyes.

“You okay?” Cam asked.

“Sure,” Hunter smiled, half-awake, not remembering. “I’m here with you. Safe inside the storm. Away from … all the crap of the last few weeks.”

Cam moved his hands over Hunt’s body, soothing and gentling. “Safe inside the storm.” Not safe from the storm, but safe inside of it. Isolated. Protected. Safe.

But Cam knew Hunter wasn’t safe; his demons came with him: a dark and twisted possession by blood and cruelty and murder. Being snowed-in for days would allow the darkness to eat away at Hunt until his very skin would seem too small. He’d beg Cam for the flogger. And hate Cam for denying him.

There was a solution, but the so-called “Full Metal Dom” was afraid. So very afraid the fragile bonds between them would not survive.

To help Hunter, he had to do the one thing he swore he would never do.


Review: I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading about these guys. They have a very unique dynamic, are interesting characters on their own and even more so when they’re together, and they are wrapped up in murder and mysteries that keep the pages turning from beginning to end. You really should read each of the stories in order to fully understand the makeup of these guys and the reasoning behind their needs, etc.

In this installment, the guys are snowed in during a blizzard as they recuperate at Cam’s house in the mountains. Cam is still in his leg cast which makes things a bit difficult, and Hunt is trying to decompress from his last case. They are still adjusting to their feelings for each other though in different ways. Hunt is still coming to grips with wanting to be with Cam, the only man he’s ever actually felt anything for (something which he though he was incapable of beyond being dommed by other men). He had a very different outlook on love and feelings beyond that, and Cam has changed that for him.

Cam, on the other hand, seems rather well adjusted considering his professional/olympic skiing career looks to be over. He is still somewhat surprised with the turn of events where Hunt is concerned, it took 2 years for Hunt to actually give in and seek him out. He clearly wants to do what’s best for Hunt and give him what he needs. He has to find different ways to make this happen since what Hunt believes he needs and what Cam things he needs, don’t seem to totally jibe. In true Cam fashion though, he is successful, and their relationship grows in the process. Hunt does a lot of growing in this segment and comes to quite a few realizations by the end.

I’m hooked on these guys and can’t wait to see how they manage as their lives change with going back to work together, the next case they are dealt, as well as Cam’s illness. Lots more in store for them, I’m sure, and the next book can’t come fast enough. Highly recommend!

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*



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One thought on “Book Review: Snowed In: Hunter’s Story by Adira August

  1. Manuela

    Nicely said. I love Hunt and Cam and I agree, I cannot wait for the next book to come and see how they continue on in their relationship.

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