Release Blitz: Midnight Twist by Rain Durant + Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Midnight Twist by Rain Durant

Jaydon can’t afford to lose a bet he’s made, so when the sweet as sin Eluin offers him The Contract, it may be exactly what he needs. Or is it? Things get a little twisted with the cheeky demon being around.

The number of demons in Jaydon’s apartment grows, with Eluin’s big brother Eluel and his wayward lover Sam showing up. The couple is at a breaking point in their own on/off relationship and this time getting back together seems as probable as hell freezing over.

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Exclusive Excerpt from Midnight Twist

Rumor traveled fast, and on the third day, everybody in the office knew I’d split up with Lyte. He usually drove me to work in the morning before swishing off to the university, or shopping, or God knows where. Some of my colleagues would go out deliberately for a smoke at the time when we’d arrive, in order to ogle Lyte. Not that I could blame them.

I tried to talk my way out of the situation with the excuse he was busy, but with social media these days, it was impossible to keep a secret. The little prince had changed his status to single, and when my line manager asked me at lunch if this was the truth, I preferred to be honest. I hoped it would pass easily, but this was just wishful thinking. I got many looks of pity as well as quite a lot of pure gloating. With a boyfriend as hot as Lyte, I’d gotten quite a lot of envy coming my way, and most of my colleagues thought I didn’t deserve him.

Even being away from me, the little monster had managed to lower my self-esteem. At the end of the day I only prayed for the clock to strike five so I could go home and stop hearing everybody’s whispering about “poor Jaydon, he thought…” Truth was, when I had started dating Lyte, thinking hadn’t been one of my priorities.

At five o’clock sharp I popped out of the door, hoping the old saying that every miracle lasts three days would prove true in my case. Thus, they were going to get over it during the weekend and hopefully pick another victim next week.

“Waiting for the bus, are we?”

I almost jumped before looking around. It was Greg from accounting. The very same guy who’d tried to charm Lyte behind my back in the hopes of convincing Lyte to join the parade of boys going through Greg’s bed. My little treasure had denied him flat out, and my breakup was the ointment for his wounds. Loser!


I didn’t have the appearance of a guy ready for chitchat, but it didn’t discourage him. He looked toward the chart and whistled. “Seven minutes more. I can keep you company. You probably feel alone.”

“Not exactly.” I smiled at him through my teeth. “I don’t want to hold you up, so…”

“Oh, it’s not a problem.” He lit up a cigarette just because he knew I hated smoke. “I know it must be hard, but he’s not coming back. He was just using you.”

His patronizing tone made me bristle. “It’s not true. He loves me, but he’s confused and gets a lot of pressure from—”

“It is and you know it. He’s probably fucking someone else now, with more money, I guess, and with more manly looks.” He looked at me with the expression of a person trying to talk some sense to an exceptionally stupid person.

What was Greg going on about? And since when did seven minutes feel like seventy days?

“I dunno what you mean,” I mumbled. “But if you are referring to the fact I don’t look like an oversized orangutan, it doesn’t mean I’m not manly.”

He laughed and threw away his cigarette. “If you say so. By the way, I can help you look around for a boy more on your level, since he’s not coming back.”

“He is. He just needs some time, that’s it.”

His eyes sparkled. “You wanna bet? You shoot first.”

He did his best to offend me. If I refused his offer, I would add more harm to injury, and the next day everybody would be informed I was a coward on top of everything.

“Okay then. If I get him back…you tell the next boy who starts flirting with you that you have ED and you can’t do much for him.”

His smile froze. I knew the clubs he preferred, and the modern social habits of the boys who went there. If he confessed this to any of them, his picture along with a detailed description of his ailment was going up on Instagram in a matter of seconds. Of course, many boys could vouch to the contrary, but maybe he didn’t want to take the risk. Once again, I had overestimated his common sense.

“Cool!” He gave me the Casanova smile that was said to bring the boys to their knees. “Now it’s my turn. If you don’t get him back in, say, three days, I’m going to personally prove to you”—he emphasized the last word by poking my chest—“that I don’t have any kind of ED. In other words, you’ll be my bitch, Jaydon.”

I almost missed the bus, still in deep shock. In the last moment I flew in through the already closing doors and fought for breath. This was so not going to happen. I didn’t want to be caught dead in Greg’s bed, not to mention doing anything that would remotely please the fucker. He was just the kind of guy I wouldn’t piss on if he was on fire.

I had to be stupid to fall into his trap so easily, and it was out of sheer stubbornness. At this point I had no reason to believe whatsoever that Lyte was coming back. I’d tried calling him, texting him, and had spent half a week’s salary on a bouquet, which he returned with a note saying, “Eat it!” After the imminent threat from Greg, however, I was inclined to do a lot of stuff in order to bring Lyte back.


About Rain Durant

Rian is one of those who are both blessed and cursed by the insatiable desire to write. Short stories, sometimes longer stories and yeah, primarily M/M (you can insert more Ms if you like) romance stories.

Always having a plot in mind sometimes proves being hard when having a day time job but Rian manages them both for the time being, assisted by the priceless support of her soul mate, large amounts of coffee and pure obstinacy.

What makes Rian smile is a sunny day, a beautiful flower, a piece of chocolate, a nice song, a good book and anything that could be the reason for that spark in the eyes, accompanied by the exclamation: “Oh my, I just saw something!”

Find out more about Rian on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.



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