Eyes Wide Open by V.M Sanford: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Eyes Wide Open

by V.M Sanford

He settled into the window seat and looked at the tarmac as Jason sat next to him. What was he supposed to say? Or better, what would he have said if he hadn’t been scared Jason would find out about his feelings?

It was ridiculous. Jason hadn’t noticed anything in all the years Spencer had loved him. It wouldn’t change because of an awkward moment, or Spencer hoped so anyway.

He turned to Jason, who was fidgeting in his seat. “What did you do these past few weeks? We barely saw each other.” Mostly because of Spencer.

Jason grinned. “I thought you were avoiding me.”

Ouch. That might be true, but Spencer wasn’t going to admit it. “I was just busy. You know, between work and the wedding stuff.”

“I get it. Only two weeks to go, huh?”

Dread turned Spencer’s stomach to lead. “Yeah.” He smiled, hoping it came across as real. “I would never have thought organizing a wedding would be so hard, and Lydia’s been doing most of it.”

“But you’ve been dealing with your mother.”

“True.” Spencer grimaced at the memory of their conversation the day before.

“I know that look. What did she do this time?”

“Nothing I wasn’t expecting, don’t worry. She wasn’t happy I was leaving for the weekend, and she tried to convince me to stay.”

“Ah, the good old I’ve-always-been-a-devoted-and-loving- mother-and-look-how-you’re-thanking-me guilt trip?”


“I don’t understand why you always give in.”

“I didn’t this time.” But he usually did. Hell, it had been his mother who had suggested he asked Lydia to marry him. They’d be dating for a while, and Spencer hadn’t wanted more, but her father had taken an interest in the vineyard, and his mother had seen how much she could gain. Spencer didn’t fool himself into thinking she’d pushed him so he’d be happy, yet he hadn’t been able to say no.

He was a weak, weak man.


About Eyes Wide Open

Jason has been in love with Spencer for most of his life, yet there he is, organizing Spencer’s bachelor party because Spencer’s getting married—and not to him.

Spencer wishes he could marry Jason instead of Lydia. He’s loved his best friend for years, but he needs to do the best for his family and their vineyard. Knowing he’s doing the right thing doesn’t make it easy, though.

Jason’s family pushes him to confess his feelings to Spencer, and he wants nothing more, but he’s afraid Spencer will run the other way and that their friendship won’t resist the revelation. But when Spencer gets drunk during his bachelor weekend in New York and tells Jason he loves him, everything changes—or that’s what Jason thinks.

Jason doesn’t want to be the other man, and Spencer doesn’t want him to be. That means Spencer has a choice to make. Will he marry Lydia and help his family, or will he finally give in and choose Jason?

Available at: Amazon


About V.M. Sanford

V.M Sanford has been writing about the paranormal since he was a child but decided to give publishing a try only in his thirties.

He found out he likes writing about more than wolf shifters and already has several plot bunnies lined up, waiting for him to write their books.

He’s lived all over Europe and enjoys cats, ice hockey and reading biographies of kings and queens. He’s still confused about what and who he is even though he’s in his mid-thirties, but he finally decided to come out as a transgender man, at least to his readers.

Find out more about V.M. on his WebsiteFacebook or Twitter.


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