His Wildest Dream by Xander Collins: Exclusive Excerpt

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Exclusive Excerpt from His Wildest Dream

by Xander Collins

“I’m the one who’s afraid.” I heard the words come out of his mouth, but my mind couldn’t comprehend what they meant. He didn’t look like he could possibly be afraid of anything. There was no fear in his eyes at all. They he knew exactly what they wanted, and they were looking right at me.

“Afraid of what?” I asked, finally able to get the words out.

Cameron paused for a long moment, and I swear a smile curled up on one edge of his mouth. “I’m afraid foryou, Daniel.”

His words echoed in my head and pulsated through me, especially the way he said my name. It sounded like a rich, chocolate dessert melting off his tongue. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “Don’t be.”

Cameron moved an inch closer to me, then brought his hand up to my face. I sucked my breath in when his fingers touched my cheek and his thumb ran across my lower lip. “You’re so innocent. I’m afraid of corrupting you. Of taking the sweetness away from your eyes.”

My heart sank. I didn’t want Cameron to know how inexperienced I was, and I quickly blurted out a complete lie. “I’m not innocent. I’ve been with other men.” It was partly true. I’d fooled around with one other guy, but we never went all the way. We were both too nervous. But now I wished we had, just so I didn’t have to lie to Cameron. 

He paused for a long moment, like he was deciding if he believed me, then he smiled again. “Do you want this, Daniel?”

“Yes,” I said way too quickly and loudly, in a high-pitched voice that made me cringe. “I mean … yes … I do.”

“Do you even know what I’m asking?”

I was afraid now. Not because I thought Cameron would hurt me, but because his touch felt so incredible and I didn’t want him to take it away. I didn’t want him to know I was a virgin. 

I could feel his intensity moving through me, even before his hand touch my face. But where his fingers brushed up against my skin, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before. “I want whatever you want,” I said, my voice shaking. 

Suddenly everything fell away and all I could see was Cameron. I stopped being afraid and I stopped having to remind myself that this was actually happening. It was happening. Cameron’s hands were wrapped around my head and he was moving closer. His scent changing slightly and surrounding me like a warm cocoon. 

When his lips finally met mine, my body melted against his. All my life I’d been waiting for a kiss like this. I’d lay in bed imagining what it would be like to see stars or experience what people meant when they said the earth moved.

But this was nothing close to what I’d imagined. Every cell in my body was buzzing. I felt like my insides were lighting up and crashing through me like waves. Every place where my body touched Cameron’s felt like it was pulsating until I couldn’t tell where I ended, and he began. And I had no idea if I was standing or laying down of flying through the air. I felt like the only thing holding me up was Cameron’s strong alpha body.


About His Wildest Dream

Dreams really do come true …

When Daniel goes into a debilitating super-heat while delivering a package to the office of one of the wealthiest men in town, he is horrified. It’s not like any other heat he’s had before, and he finds out it could have been caused by some very compatible pheromones.

Those of billionaire Cameron Styles.

He can’t fathom that Cameron could be interested in a young, poor omega like him, but when he’s asked to move into Cameron’s penthouse condo, he can’t turn down the chance to live out some of his dreams.

Cameron has hidden himself away in his penthouse ever since his omega partner was killed in an accident. He has made sure to not come into contact with anyone who might set off his powerful alpha hormones, or touch his heart.

Until Daniel walks into his office, that is.

After Cameron inhales Daniel’s scent and sees the sweetness in his eyes, he can’t get him out of his mind. But he’s afraid of love and pain, and most of all, of scaring an innocent omega with his depraved desires.

Can two people from different backgrounds let go of the pain in their pasts and come together to find the love they’re searching for?

His Wildest Dream is a Cinderfella-style romance of 46k words. It includes a May/December relationship between a sweet, virgin omega from a poor part of town and a reclusive billionaire single dad, and is served up with a big side of kink.

It is a very sweet, incredibly hot mpreg romance with kids, babies, a lavish wedding, and a super-HEA that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Available at: Amazon


About Xander Collins

Xander Collins write super sexy, romantic omegaverse stories with the warm fuzzies, hot dudes, and cuddly babies we all crave.

Find out more about Xander on TumblrFacebook and Amazon.

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