Three-Man Advantage by Ariel Bishop: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Three-Man Advantage

by Ariel Bishop

David is losing his mind. 

He’s used to Sasha and Bo being around. They’re on the same team. For the length of the hockey season, the Wendigos spend eight or more hours a day in each other’s company. And that doesn’t even take into account the way David needs to work with his A’s. He spends more time with Sasha and Bo than some people spend with their spouses.

But now it seems like they’re always around. Or maybe it’s a heightened awareness now that he knows for sure that they’re together. Either way, they feel inescapable. On the ice, in the locker room, on the plane. At meals. 

And they’re always touching him. Nothing out of the ordinary for a hockey team, really. Nothing that anyone else would notice or comment on. But somehow every brush of Sasha’s fingers over the back of his neck, every time Bo slings an arm around his shoulders, every look  he catches from either of them, feels loaded with secret significance. 

He can’t remember jerking off this much in his life.

He makes an effort to be the last one in the showers, circling the locker room to talk to Xander about his shoulder, see how Harty’s knee is holding up. But somehow, no matter how long he lingers, either Bo or Sasha—or both—is always in the showers when he makes his way in. 

He almost never has the kind of privacy for even a quick, furtive jerk, always has to mentally tally up the number of wins they need to clinch a playoff spot in order to keep his idiot cock under control.

He makes it through the next few days on sheer willpower, sneaking into bathrooms for a few minutes alone when he can’t deal with the tension anymore. The only time he feels safe enough to really let himself go is at night, when he’s alone in his bed. He’s given up on pretending that he’s not going to do this. 

Honestly, who does it hurt? Not Bo and Sasha, stupidly happy together and probably fucking each other at this very moment. If it hurts anyone, it’s David, but he can’t help but get wrapped up in the mental picture, the fantasy. Imagining what might have happened if their dinner and a movie the other night had gone just a bit differently…


About Three-Man Advantage

He can’t choose…

Leadership and setting an upstanding example are everything to Wisconsin Wendigos captain David Dickson. On ice, he’s got it all together. Off ice? Not so much. For years he’s been pining for not one, but both of the loyal alternate captains who’ve stood by him through thick and thin.

They’ve always had his back…

Sasha Ivanov and Bo McAllister have always seemed more into each other then into their captain. But when the stress of the season starts affecting David, they’re more than willing to step up and help him deal with it–by whatever means necessary.

He can’t resist…

When Sasha and Bo offer him everything he’s been wanting, David can’t say no, even though he knows it comes with an expiration date. But the more he finds himself fitting into their life, the more he wants what he knows he can’t have.

Can Sasha and Bo find room in their hearts for one more person? Will David let them bring him into their life? Or are these captains doomed to remain just teammates?

Find out in this steamy sports romance novel, featuring a team captain who’s too stubborn for his own good, a defenceman with a heart of gold, and a goalie who never has a problem using his words.

Available at: Amazon


About Ariel Bishop

Ariel Bishop is an American romance and erotica author who feels strongly that all love triangles are best resolved through healthy polyamory. She has been a reader of romantic and erotic fiction for the entirety of her adult life and draws on that experience as well as her own imagination to create original erotic stories. She lives in the Ozarks with her partners and their children, plus two bunnies that rejoice in the names Reginald von Pancakes and Snickers.

Find out more about Ariel on her Blog/WebsiteFacebookTwitter and Tumblr.


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