Book Review: Mine by Tanya Chris

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Title: Mine
Author: Tanya Chris
Series: My Guys #2
Heroine/Hero: Amanda/Derek
Genre: MF BDSM
Length: 240 Pages
Publisher: Tanya Chris Publishing
Release Date: January 9, 2018
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Amanda’s not loving life in her new home town. Her roommate is a weepy hermit, the rock climbing gym is substandard, and she hasn’t whipped anyone in months. So when an odd encounter leads her to believe that Derek—the good-looking, sweet-tempered climber every woman wants but no woman gets—is a submissive, she’s ready to take control and give him a night to remember.

There’s something special about Amanda, something that’s been calling to Derek ever since he met her, even if he doesn’t understand what it is. He’s yearning to give her everything she needs, until he finds out that what she needs is for him to submit. Derek is strong, smart, and well-adjusted. Why would he get down on his knees for a woman? And why is he just now realizing that that’s what he’s always wanted to do?

Derek may be new to BDSM, but Amanda’s new to relationships. Neither one of them knows whether a Domme with a grudge against the world and a man who’s surprised to learn he’s a submissive can make love work, but they both know what they want: someone to call Mine.

Mine is a full-length standalone M/F femdom story with a happy ending.


Review: Let me say that I’ve read my share of BDSM romance. I threw myself down that rabbit-hole after 50 Shades because I thought… it *can’t* be like this. I learned. 50 Shades is to BDSM, what Manischewitz or Lambrusco is to wine–light, sweeter, and lacking the depth or character of stronger varietals. Mine is a BDSM romance with depth and character.

Mine shares Amanda and Derek’s journey as individuals and as a couple learning about what being with the other might mean, and if it will work for them.

Chris creates thoughtful, 3-dimensional characters, managing to avoid the plentiful and easy stereotypes of Domme and male sub. Derek isn’t a natural masochist or so macho the pain is nothing to him. Amanda isn’t an uber bitchy, mega Domme, beyond self-doubt, hell-bent on humiliating men. These are two adults coming to terms with the relationship and personal legacies from their families, who feature nicely as interesting, I-could-read-more-about-secondary characters. They have to grow with each other or without.

If you’re tired of the formulaic newbie, natural sub meets self-assured, train-them-to-please Dominant but still like a BDSM romance, Mine will fit like a good pair of climbing shoes. Like a good climb, Amanda and Derek face risk and failure. They struggle to hold onto the other. They find their footing and then they fall, but they still go one move higher.

The sex, with or with BDSM, is hot, …steamy, sweaty hot, but the sex doesn’t dominate this romance like it does with so many other BDSM romances. There’s a relationship here, and Chris gives the romantic relationship solid footing, and the time and space to develop, as other secondary characters are allowed to grow. You’ll come to hate, then like Lissie; be annoyed by and then appreciate Hannah; and you’ll even come to kind of respect Nate. And like this reviewer, you might even check out My Guys, Chris’ story about Lissie, Nate and Derek.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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