Book Review: Renewing Forever by Kelly Jensen

Reviewed by Ami

Title: Renewing Forever
Author: Kelly Jensen
Series: This Time Forever #2
Heroes: Frankie & Tommy
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 302 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: August 26, 2018
Available at: Riptide Publishing & Amazon
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Blurb: A neglected resort, a lost chance at love, and one last chance to renew forever.

Frankie and Tommy once dreamed of traveling the world together. But when seventeen-year-old Frank kissed Tom, their plans ended with a punch to the jaw and Frank leaving town without looking back. Thirty years later, Frank’s successful career as a journalist is interrupted by his uncle’s death and the question of his inheritance—the family resort where his childhood dreams were built. When he returns to the Pocono Mountains, however, he finds a dilapidated lodge and Tommy, the boy he never forgot.

Tom’s been keeping the resort together with spit and glue while caring for Frank’s uncle, Robert—a man he considered father, mentor, and friend—and his aged mother, who he refuses to leave behind. Now Robert is gone, taking Tom’s job with him. And Frank is on the doorstep, wanting to know why Tom is still there and why the old lodge is falling apart.

But before they can rebuild the resort, they’ll have to rebuild their friendship. Only then can they renew the forever they planned all those years ago.



For me personally, Renewing Forever, the second installment in Kelly Jensen “This Time Forever” series is better than the first book.

First, it features both men approaching fifty years old – both Frank and Tom are 49 years old. Second, it has second-chance romance theme, since Frank and Tom hasn’t seen each other for three decades, after Frank left the town having his heart broken and rejected. Third, it is more quiet, more melancholy, which definitely right up my alley.

Also, the steam is low, it’s more about emotion and reconnecting for these two men, and gosh, I must admit that I read several chapters with glassy eyed, especially towards the end.

I don’t know if it’s because both men are almost half-of-a-century old, but I feel like their reunion is not very harsh. I mean, I love reading second-chance romance, and usually when someone is hurt in the past, the story will have the character filled with anger or resentment. Here, it feels like even if Frank wants to know the reason, he hasn’t stubbornly demand the answer from Tom.

I really enjoy reading the progress on how Frank and Tom becomes Frankie and Tommy again. Yes, the reason on why Tom pushes Frank away thirty years ago – and all the years after — sounds misguided, probably because he’s young and very prideful. I would love for someone to knock his sense out earlier.

I also feel rather sad knowing that they could have their happiness earlier. However, I still savor this second-chance between them. Maybe it does take thirty years for both men to be a little bit wiser; for Frank to acknowledge Tom’s fear more than his hurt, and for Tom to admit he needs help.

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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