Book Review: Saving Jax by L.M. Brown


Reviewed by Susan65


Title: Saving Jax
Author: L.M. Brown
Series: NA
Heroes: Jax & Cal & Ty
Genre: MMM MPreg
Length: 291 Pages
Publisher: Self
Release Date: December 1, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads


Jax has made mistakes in his life, the biggest of which was falling for Lyndon. His love died when Lyndon refused to claim him as his mate after Jax discovered he was pregnant. His feelings turned to hate when his babies were stolen from his care the day they were born.

Reliant on Lyndon for the cream he needs to survive, Jax does everything he can to keep him happy and he lives for the day when he will be reunited with his children.

When Jax discovers he is pregnant for a second time, he is terrified his second litter will be taken from him, too.

Ty is a dual-gendered feline who dreams of carrying his own babies one day. If they are fathered by Cal, the sexy feline he feeds from, it would be even better. Ty’s parents have other ideas. They don’t wish the public to know that their high-born son is dual-gendered, and arrange for a mating festival to take place so Ty can choose a dual-gendered mate of his own.

Although Ty has no intention of submitting to his parents’ wishes, something about Jax draws Ty to him and when he and Cal discover Jax’s secret, they know they must help.

Ty and Cal offer Jax a way to escape Lyndon’s clutches, but Jax knows almost nothing about the two felines who have offered to claim him.

The stakes have never been higher and Jax must learn to trust again, or risk losing everything.



Well, this was different. Like, really, really, not at all what I was expecting, kind of different. I was thinking shifters, love triangle, mpreg, etc…yes, we get some of that but it was a lot more. The felines are not shifters, they are …I don’t know, really, as I had a hard time visualizing…maybe, upright humanoid cats? They had some fur, pointy ears, and a tail, but they also had claws and could purr. I admit it took me aback trying to figure out the logistics, but I settled on humanoid with kitty attributes.
There was also the underlying phobias attached to being sexually different. In this case, dual-gendered cats were frowned upon, especially Ty because he was a high-royal and high royals are not dual-gendered, and if they are they are hidden from society.  Ty’s mother was more about what others think than how her son felt. Fortunately, his dad was a stand up guy, err, kitty.
Cal was Ty’s “primary food source”, yeah, we will get to that in a moment. Cal, was a servant to Ty but there was some love that translated to forever between them, and though Ty had to find a royal mate, it didn’t mean he had to give up Cal. Fortunately, Cal is pretty amazing and there really wasn’t any angst over Ty mating with Jax…as long as they all mated with each other. Read it, it makes more sense in the book.
And then there is Jax. Jax was heartbreaking. His servant and primary food source was Lyndon…a psychopath, and his uncle was a pig. I think they both were rewarded for bad behavior and the ending kind of took the wind out of my sails because I really was looking forward to them getting their just desserts…that never really happened.
So, as I mentioned above, food sources. Kitties love cream, right? Well, in this case, the food they eat comes from, you guessed it, the penis. Are you hungry? Do you want a snack? OMG, that took a bit for me to accept, but it was funny, and truly made this more an erotica versus a romance.

Overall Impression: I Really Liked it

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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