The Gathering Storm by Tricia Owens: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from The Gathering Storm

by Tricia Owens

Not one day had passed since the burning of Rhiad―not one night―that Caled hadn’t imagined this moment and the utter rage that would consume him upon finally seeing the man who had betrayed him. The nightmare that was Rhiad had become the turning point of his life; it now defined him as a man and measured the length of his days. He’d envisioned a hundred ways in which he would tear down the man who was Hadrian ni Leyanon, a hundred terrible words and curses he would rain down upon his betrayer. His only concern since Rhiad was that the sight of Hadrian would make him go berserk. Loss of restraint would be inevitable when faced with the man who had betrayed him so deeply.

Yet now, with the sorcerer standing naked and helpless in the water before him, a vision of wide gray eyes and dripping inky hair, Caled felt only fear. Fear, because the rage he had expected was not as powerful as it should have been. Fear, because the sight of his former lover made Caled wish, for a moment too long for comfort, that Rhiad had never happened and that he and Hadrian were still together.

It infuriated him.


About The Gathering Storm

After betraying the only man he ever loved, Hadrian ni Leyanon waits for death amid the ruins of a sorcerous battle. Before that can happen he is recruited by the Council of Elders which governs the use of magick in Juxtan. The Council needs him to track down his evil sorcerer father and force him to face a justice they aren’t powerful enough to inflict on their own. Wracked with guilt, Hadrian agrees to join the mage-led mission in the hopes it will allow him to redeem himself. But when Caled, the handsome mercenary whom Hadrian betrayed, insists on joining the mission, too, Hadrian discovers that redemption needs to come from the man who hates him most.

This book was previously published as The Gathering.

Available at: Amazon


About Tricia Owens

Tricia Owens has been writing m/m fiction since 2000, after stumbling onto the term ‘slash’ and thinking it referred to horror stories. She is the author of the Sin City, A Pirate’s Life for Me, and Juxtapose City series, among several others. She lives in Las Vegas.

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