Captivating by Onley James: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Captivating

by Onley James

Elijah pulled his wrist free and closed the laptop, putting it aside before climbing into Shep’s lap to look him in the eye. “You like that?” Elijah whispered against his lips. “You want to breed me? Finger your load back inside me?”

Shep’s nostrils flared, pupils so blown his golden eyes were only a tiny ring of color. “Yes. But…”

“But what? I’m negative. They give me a physical for insurance before every film. You’ve never had sex with anybody right?” Something occurred to Elijah. “Though given your previous employment, I suppose it exposed you to other… things.”

Shep shook his head. “They tested me. I’m negative too. But, are you okay with… is that something you’d want to do?”

Elijah thought about it. He’d always figured someday he’d meet somebody who wanted to go past the occasional hand job and he’d have to face his past and that would require many therapy trips and somebody patient enough to understand he might never let somebody invade his body. He imagined it would be this huge hurdle he would have to clear. But Shep inside him, marking him, using him, being able to still feel him the next day… it didn’t scare him, it thrilled him.

“Yes. One hundred percent,” Elijah assured. “But, first. I will find that tattoo.”

He slid off Shep. “Underwear off. I want you naked.” Shep did as Elijah commanded, amused.
Elijah let his eyes roam Shep’s form. He was perfection, from his beautiful face, to his sculpted abs,
to his thick cock blushing at the tip. “God, you might be the hottest man alive. Turn over.”

Shep rolled, his arms curling under the pillow so he could rest his head. Elijah’s gaze snagged on the millions of freckles on Shep’s back and ass, leaning down to bite at his shoulder blade, before running his tongue along the knobs of his spine until he lingered over the generous swell of Shep’s ass. And there it was… the tattoo. Elijah sucked in a breath. It was rudimentary, just four words in red ink over his right cheek, written in Shep’s own no nonsense block letters.



About Captivating

ebook (1)Jayne Shepherd has spent his life blending in. He smiles. He laughs. He’s likable. He’s also a sociopath. His emotions are limited. Love, fear, desire don’t exist in his world. Until he meets Elijah.

Elijah Dunne had everything. Third generation Hollywood royalty. Child star. Untouchable. Until one man ruined it all. Elijah fled LA to try to forget, but now, he’s back on top and back on a monster’s radar. Elijah doesn’t think he’ll ever feel safe. Until he meets Shepherd.

Elijah and Shep only have one thing in common. They both wear masks. Shep makes Elijah feel protected. Seen. Elijah makes Shep just feel. Now that he’s had a taste, he’s not about to let him go.

Everybody warns that what they have isn’t real. Shep is obsessed with Elijah, not in love. But Elijah craves Shep’s obsession. He can’t imagine life without him. In Hollywood, being a sociopath is more a life skill than a diagnosis. Could Shep be the monster Elijah needs to finally slay his demons?

Captivating is the second book in the Elite Protection Services Series and contains age-gap, cum-play, voyeurism and one very sexy interrogation scene complete at 72,000 words with an HEA and no cliffhangers.

Trigger Warnings: This book contains talk of past child sexual abuse

Available at: Amazon


About Onley James

Onley James is the pen name of YA author, Martina McAtee, who lives in Florida with her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and a menagerie of animals, both good and evil. When she’s not writing m/m romance or supernatural LGBT young adult books, she’s running 7 Sisters Publishing and attempting to maintain both her sanity and her full-time job as an RN.

When not at work you can find her mainlining Starbucks refreshers, whining about how much she has to do and avoiding the things she has to do by binge-watching unhealthy amounts of television in one sitting. She loves ghost stories, true crime documentaries, obsessively scrolling social media and writing kinky, snarky books about men who fall in love with other men.

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