His Fake Prison Daddy by Thursday Euclid and Clancy Nacht: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from His Fake Prison Daddy

by Thursday Euclid and Clancy Nacht

Elias sat on his bunk, deciding he should at least try to seem relaxed. “Guess that’s why they put me with you. We’re both readers.”

“Oh no, Mr. Stuyvesant. That’s not why they put you with me.” The smile vanished, leaving scars and those intense, charred-ember eyes gleaming in the cramped shadows of the small cell. His brow quirked, and he whispered almost flirtatiously, “You match my ‘victim profile’ beautifully. Someone up there doesn’t like you very much, little hacker.”

Elias dropped the book on his lap in shock at the sudden mood shift. Victim profile was hardly what anyone wanted to hear, but especially not in a tiny cell.

“Oh.” Keep it together.

Breath became scarce. Elias’s fingers tingled as adrenaline rose and his vision narrowed.

He’d known his sentence was unusually punitive. He’d assumed that was because the juvie warden had put him in such a privileged position, handling much of the IT and paperwork at the detention center.

Simple revenge for what the warden had called a betrayal.

What Elias hadn’t considered was that someone might want him dead.

Suddenly, he couldn’t breathe.

Was there poison on the book? What was happening to him?

As Elias struggled, Hughes swooped in and dropped to a crouch in front of him, hands hovering just above Elias’s body, not quite touching, as he looked up into his face. If Elias didn’t know better, he’d think Hughes was worried.

When he spoke, it was low and soothing, almost paternal. “Breathe with me, Stuyvesant. In two-three-four-five. Out…” Hughes modeled the breathing, coaxing Elias to mimic him.

Should he do it? Maybe this was all part of the scheme.

Terror spiked adrenaline in Elias’s veins, and he leaned against the wall, slowly sliding down onto his side.

What was the point of fighting? If Hughes wanted him dead like apparently the system did, what could Elias possibly do about it?

Elias closed his eyes. He could barely see anything anymore anyway. He breathed as Hughes instructed, curled up on his side in the fetal position. To his great surprise, he started to feel better.

Hughes came no closer, but he kept counting off Elias’s breaths, steady and slow and oddly comforting. “There you are, little hacker. You’re pulling through. A panic attack, I think. Hm.”

Sounding thoughtful, Hughes shifted away, still counting, and a moment later, what had to be Hughes’s own blanket settled over Elias. It smelled like clean soap and spice with a hint of acrid bleach, a weird mixture of industrial and personal.

Elias clutched the blanket and the book to him as he continued to take the long, slow breaths, watching Hughes more directly than he might’ve dared before.

A panic attack? He’d never had one before, but he supposed the situation could merit such a reaction. As Elias caught his breath, he felt able to speak again.

“Thought I was dying. Don’t eat me, not dead yet.” He tried a weak smile to show he was joking, but he was exhausted now.

Had he really been sent to this cell to die? That guard—Garcia?—had to have known.

But why? Was a little hacking really that bad?

“Mm I lack the facilities to properly prepare your flesh. I wouldn’t waste you that way.” Hughes’s expression might’ve been a smirk.

Then he pulled away and stood, walking around the tiny cell with the air of a king surveying his castle. “You’ll discover time moves differently with no natural light. You’ll sleep more than you ever imagined, and your dreams will feel more real than this cell. The emotions you once felt will slip away, replaced by a different sense of yourself.”

He seemed lost in thought for a moment, faraway. Then he looked back toward Elias. “Are you an introvert or an extrovert, Mr. Stuyvesant?”

Elias squirmed forward so he could more easily watch Hughes from his bottom bunk. Weirdly, he felt comforted that Hughes had said he wouldn’t waste Elias.

“Introvert, I guess. Being in juvie, I had to figure out how to deal with people around so much. Guess I’ve always become what I needed to be in the moment.”

“A chameleon then.” Hughes sounded like he approved. He gestured toward himself and said, “I am much the same. Please do honor my desire for quiet and solitude when I’m…in a mood, and I will attempt to make suitable conversation when you’re of a mind to.”


About His Fake Prison Daddy

When eighteen-year-old hacker Elias Stuyvesant ends up in a maximum security state prison, he’s woefully unprepared despite his time in juvie. On day one, he’s thrown in with a man known as the Santa Fe Slayer, Ambrose Hughes.

Hughes is quiet, disfigured, and weirdly urbane. Elias was so young when Hughes committed his crimes that he has only the faintest idea what Hughes is in for. However, Hughes makes clear that Elias is his ideal victim type…and there’s no one to protect Elias from the much larger man with his prison-jacked body and that hard gleam in his dark eyes.

Whoever paired them has it in for Elias; that much is obvious.

Elias is terrified of Hughes, but he soon realizes the other prisoners are worse. If Elias is going to survive, he’ll have to choose the lesser of the evils: To preserve himself, he’ll need Hughes for his Daddy. And given Hughes’s skewed morality, they’ll have to fake it till they make it.

Available at: Amazon


About the Authors

Thursday Euclid (he/him) is the m/m romance pen name of Rainbow Award winning author Will Craig, a thirtysomething disabled, fat, white, queer trans man from Houston, TX. For those who care, he is an Aquarius, and if you’ve met him, you probably can’t imagine him being anything else.

Proud da to two incredible queer, nonbinary kids aged 16 and 18 and honorary da to a 17-year-old black trans girl, Thursday spends a lot of time cooking vegetarian food in his Instant Pot while listening to Radiohead and dishing out advice and hugs to the younglings. Many of those scorching sex scenes were written or edited while obnoxiously loud teenagers danced to BTS in the living room.

When he’s not playing World of Warcraft with his handsome trans boyfriend, he’s probably watching horror movies or talking to his best friend and frequent collaborator Clancy Nacht.

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter


Clancy Nacht is a bisexual genderqueer person who lives in Austin. Clancy has published several bestselling romances. Many of her books have been honored with Rainbow Awards; Le Jazz Hot won for Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance. In 2013, Black Gold: Double Black was a runner-up for a Rainbow Award. In 2015, Gemini won an Honorable Mention for Gay Erotic Romance and in 2016, Strange Times won an Honorable Mention for Science Fiction. Wyatt’s Recipes for Wooing Rock Stars was a finalist in the highly competitive William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance. The Phisher King won second place in the Rainbow Award for Romantic Suspense, 16th for Gay Book of the Year.

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter

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  1. susana

    Sounds like my kind of story!

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    Sounds like something that belongs on my TBR list.

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