Fight For This by Suki Fleet: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Fight For This

by Suki Fleet

THE STUMBLE upstairs to Grey’s bed was a delicious blur. Si’s long slinky limbs tangled with Grey’s own, and the warmth of Si’s kisses flared like tiny stars on Grey’s skin. 

A part of him wondered if he’d somehow fallen into one of his fantasies, but the pull in his chest—their connection—told him nothing had ever been realer. 

He could feel what Si wanted, what he needed. Si’s glamour was a sparkling warmth that gusted around them, and made the air shimmer like gold dust. Why had Grey believed being close would hurt Si? His heart had whispered this was right from the beginning—if only he’d listened, trusted. Though wasn’t that just the story of his life?

They fell onto cool bed sheets, the mystery of Grey’s vanished blankets forgotten as Si’s touch, his scent, filled Grey’s head, and they clutched at one another hungrily.

With the curtains still drawn, the room seemed dark but for the breathtaking glow of Si’s skin. His hair against Grey’s white pillows was like fire on snow, his skin like a sunrise. Grey could hardly breathe with how much he wanted to take care of Si, though he knew how much wanting that might cost him. But whatever happened they had this, they had right now, and Grey had no intention of wasting a second. 

The soft sounds of their kissing filled the room, as did their joint moans as Grey slid his fingers under the soft material of Si’s thin top, exposing miles of warm, smooth skin he longed to kiss and lick.

Need, unlike anything Grey had ever felt, seemed to jolt between them as he leaned down and took Si’s nipple in his mouth. 

“Fuck.” Si clung onto him, back arched, strong fingers digging into Grey’s biceps, his erection rubbing urgently against Grey’s stomach.

Grey’s dick couldn’t get any harder. He longed for the simplest of touches, skin on skin would do it. A warm hand palming him through his jeans would probably be enough. Thoughts of fucking, of slick tongues and tight arseholes made his balls ache. The sort of ache he never wanted to go away but couldn’t hold onto. If they didn’t slow it down, he suspected this would be over far too soon.


About Fight For This

Grey and Si have been dancing around one another for months.

Grey’s helpless attraction to fairies (and one fairy in particular) is a source of endless frustration—but as his energy can damage a fairy’s glamour, he can’t let himself get close.

Si is different to other fairies and he’s wearing down Grey’s defences. When Si discovers the Veil is thinning around the school where they both work—putting the students and teachers there at risk from detection—he needs Grey’s help to fix it.

Problem is, Si isn’t a true fairy, he’s just a magical mistake. For as long as he can remember all his glamour has done is messed up and broken stuff. Though Grey maybe older and wiser about a lot of things in the human world, he’s pretty clueless about all things magical. He doesn’t even know the Veil exists until Si knocks himself unconscious trying to save Grey’s reputation after a night out.

But it’s funny how mistakes work out. Even funnier how trusting one another can help even the most impossible events turn out all right.

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About Suki Fleet

Suki Fleet is an award-winning author, a prolific Reader (though less prolific than they’d like), and a lover of angst, romance and unexpected love stories.They write lyrical stories about memorable characters and believe everyone should have a chance at a happy ending.
Their first novel This is Not a Love Story won Best Gay Debut in the 2014 Rainbow Awards, and was a finalist in the 2015 Lambda Awards. Their novel Foxes won Best Gay Young Adult in the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

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