Cabin Fever by Roe Horvat: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Cabin Fever

by Roe Horvat

A cry tore me out of my sleep, and I shot up, awake and alert. It had come from Michael’s room. Gun in hand, I stalked through the cabin. I double-checked my phone, just to be sure. There couldn’t have been an intruder, or the security system would have alerted me.

I opened the door to his room. Michael lay on his bed, asleep, naked, completely. The sheets were bunched up around his legs. Brilliant moonlight flooded through the window, illuminating the barbells in his nipples, his hairless groin, his soft cock… Fucking hell.

His body spasmed, and he cried out again, a painful wail that made my hair stand on end. I put the gun on the nightstand and shook his shoulder.

“Michael.” He shuddered and convulsed, his mouth falling open. A nightmare. Well, someone had been trying to kill this boy. No wonder he had nightmares.

His pouty lips looked as if they strained toward me.

“Michael, you’re dreaming. C’mon. Wake up.”

His big green eyes popped open wide.

“Vincent?” he mumbled.

“You were having a nightmare. I heard you yelling.”

“Oh.” He sat up and looked around, confused. “Sorry.”

Then he seemed to wake up more properly. His eyes flickering from me to his naked body. I expected him to reach down to cover himself, but he didn’t. I let go of his shoulder immediately.

Leave, Nowak. Do it. Leave now.

Slowly, Michael turned his head to me and looked into my eyes. He seemed dangerously awake and very well aware of what his nakedness was doing to me. One of his hands slid down his torso, over one glinting barbell, and down to his crotch. He cupped his balls and wetted his lips, his gaze scanning my face with intensity.

Leave, Nowak. Now!

But I got stuck on his mouth again. My mind was empty except for the image of his sensual lips. They glistened with saliva, full, pink, and soft. Erotic. I felt as if he’d sucked me into him, stealing my sense, my self-control.

He moaned softly, and my eyes darted to his groin, where his hand was slowly stroking his now hard cock. Bare, completely hairless, his toned young body writhing in pleasure, torso arching off the bed, hips rolling… he was so beautiful it hurt me in my core. The tattoos on his arms seemed to morph in front of my eyes, swirling in hypnotizing patterns. He lay back down on the bed, never taking his eyes off me, and I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t.

He spread his legs wider, squeezing his shaft, the pink head peeking out, precum gathering at the tip. I wanted to taste it. With his other hand, he pulled on the barbells in his nipples, first one, then the other, and then he pumped his hips up, fucking into his own fist. He came, the cum splattering onto his belly in a fountain-like arch.

I stared at his mouth again, swollen and parted, harsh breaths puffing out.

He lifted one finger, covered with cum, and smeared it over his upper lip, looking at me with wicked, deep-green eyes. The tip of his tongue darted out, and he lapped at the cum, eyes closing, eyelashes fluttering.

“Please, Daddy, will you fuck my mouth?” he whispered.

His question was like a slap to my face.

I turned and ran out of his room as if my ass was on fire.

I closed myself in my bedroom and fell onto the bed, face down. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, my fucking god.

Immediately, I had both hands in my pajama bottoms, squeezing and stroking, picturing Michael’s mouth on me, those lips wrapped around my girth. I came in less than a minute. Sated, I breathed deeply, holding on to the fantasy for a few seconds longer, Michael’s fingers tracing the line of my back…

Suddenly, a vague feeling of wrongness made me tense. Where did I…?

Fuck, I’d left my gun on the nightstand in his room.

I’d left my fucking gun.

On his nightstand.

Fuck. Fuck. Fucking hell!

It was, no contest, the greatest, stupidest, most amateur mistake of my entire career. I’d forgotten my gun. What was I? Austin Powers? I was an idiot.

Michael fucking Bourgeon.

I waited for a half hour, then went back to his room. He was asleep, wrapped in his blanket like a burrito. I took the fucking gun and left.

I should never have taken this job.

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Lost in the Florist by Riley Long & Marie Cole: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Lost in the Florist

by Riley Long & Marie Cole


During the ten minutes it took Emmett to get the flowers out of the truck, he kept glancing at the front door, expecting the person inside to be watching him and laughing, but there wasn’t anyone. Thank God. Once he freed the gorgeous beast, he walked over the walkway that crossed the front of the cabin and up a steep set of wooden stairs. There was a little patio set on the front porch to his right as he stepped in front of the front door and rang the bell. He held the bouquet in front of him as he waited for the door to swing open. He sighed as he waited. He’d hate to leave the bouquet outside but he was going to have to if no one was home. He turned, setting his back to the front door, and scanned the area. There weren’t any other cars. There wasn’t any noise aside from some birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees. He glanced up through the tree canopy and snorted. Rain. Right. He glanced away again as the canopy moved and a beam of sun hit him in the eye.

There was a sound of metal behind him and he turned around. It was like one of those moments on daytime TV: all in slow motion. Jax Barrett was standing in the doorway. His floppy “grab-me-while-we-kiss” chestnut hair sliced across his forehead accentuating his thick eyebrows that were balanced by the scruffy five o’clock shadow. His lips … lord, his lips. They just naturally look slightly puckered: kiss-me-lips. Emmett wanted to admire the rest of Jax, but his gaze was locked on Jax’s mesmerizing light sapphire colored eyes that seemed to bore directly into his soul, taking his breath away.

“Emmett,” he said, his cocky grin spreading wider as he reached one arm over his head and held onto the door, like a flirty guy offering himself up. Which was crazy, because this was Jax, and Jax was straight.

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Public Enemy, Undercover Lover by Amanda Meuwissen: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Public Enemy, Undercover Lover

by Amanda Meuwissen

“Nothing to pique your interest?” the officer beside him whispered.

That voice was familiar, but when Andrew looked, the officer still had his hat tipped too low to recognize him. “I’ve just been over all this already. I’m Andrew Wen, Detective Wen’s brother.” He extended his hand. “Unless we’ve met before?”

“Oh,” the man grasped Andrew’s hand firmly and tilted his head up just enough to reveal Isaac Ford’s smirking face, “I think we’re well acquainted.”

“Ford?!” Andrew hissed, trying to tug his hand away, but Ford released him slowly, dragging his fingers across Andrew’s palm. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Even with the hat on, the memories of Ford’s prim white-blond hair made Andrew self-consciously run a hand back through his. He wished he could just be annoyed with Ford instead of finding him so attractive. He was tall, thin but well-muscled, with intense blue eyes, and a flawless face, ageless and beautiful like some ethereal elf.

An elf who’d had Andrew’s cock in his mouth…

“Shh.” Ford brought a finger to his lips. “Wouldn’t want to draw any attention.”

They hadn’t seen each other since Christmas, but Andrew had certainly felt Ford’s presence after he turned his freedom into starting a profession copying exactly what Andrew was trying to do! “Give me one good reason not to out you for impersonating an officer.”

“Oh, Andrew, I’ve been out for ages.” Ford grinned.

“What do you want?”

“Same thing you do—to catch our wayward thief so this doesn’t get out of hand and put either of us out of business.”

“How did you even hear about this? They’ve been keeping it out of the press.”

“How did you find out?” Ford turned back to the presentation. “Oh, right. Brother dearest.”

Catching Steven shooting him a glare, Andrew dropped his voice lower. “I’m sure my brother will be interested to know Artifice stopped by.”

“No need for threats. We’re on the same side, and the police are stumped. Five businesses have been hit in the past month, and unless something gives, it’s only going to get worse.”

“For all I know, you’re the thief again, and you just want their list of suspects.”

“Please, that would hardly be fun anymore without you on the force.”

Andrew flushed. He hated how easily Ford did that to him. “Aren’t you busy with the last job you poached from me?”

“The benefits of having more than one field agent means I can take on multiple cases.”

Andrew didn’t want another field agent. He just wanted to do something for himself. He almost hadn’t hired the two people who did work for him, Candace and his friend and tech guru, Kevin Lopez.

“Why did you have to choose security?” he lamented.

“What else would I be good at?”

Turning his head, Andrew thought Ford’s expression seemed oddly serious. “I should cry wolf…”

“No professional courtesy?”

“Fuck you.”

Ford slid his eyes over Andrew slyly. “Again? Would that seal your lips?”

Andrew felt his cheeks darken further. He hadn’t wanted to give in that night at Christmas. He’d never taken Ford’s advances seriously before, but when presented with the option on one of his worst nights in recent memory, and with just the right amount of wine to tip his judgment, he’d taken his anger out on a willing participant—and loved it.

He hated how much he’d loved it.

“You seem tense,” Ford said.

“Can’t imagine why.”

“We’re in the back, Andrew. Alone. In the dark. At a table that can easily conceal any dirty deeds we do. Think anyone would notice if I slipped my hand down your pants?”

Andrew honestly didn’t know how he kept from yelping as Ford’s palm slid across his knee. “Tell me you’re joking.”

“Do you want me to be joking?”

“I…” Andrew’s brain took a moment to reboot. “Wait.” He clamped his hand down on Ford’s, already halfway between his thighs in the time he’d taken to respond. “You’re serious?”

Ford licked his lips. “I hadn’t planned a revisit to our Christmas cheer, but this is a rife opportunity. How much longer will your brother be?”

“F-fifteen minutes?”

“Think you’ll last that long?”

Doubtful. Andrew could already feel himself hardening at the thought of what Ford was offering, from the way he looked at him, the low husk of his voice, his fingers digging into Andrew’s thigh, and then sliding further between his legs.

From the memories of rutting on that sofa and wrapping his hand around Ford’s throat.

“Let’s see how long you do last,” Ford purred and reached both hands over to undo Andrew’s pants, letting one slide in to grip him through his boxers.

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He Shoots, He Scores by Tricia Owens: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from He Shoots, He Scores

by Tricia Owens

If Magnusson continued to stare at him like that, Neil was going to start humping the mattress. Fortunately—kind of—Magnusson pulled his gaze away to stare blankly at the TV again.

“What’s your type, Shannon? What do you like? Tits or ass?”

Danger. This is dangerous. Don’t do it, Neil. Don’t—

“You first.”

“Ass,” Magnusson said immediately. “No question. The rounder the better. I love taking a big handful and burying my face in there, and just—” He looked over at Neil and his face reddened. “You know?”

Neil felt his face burning, too, and his cock throbbed. “Yeah,” he said a bit hoarsely.

He had to look away when he saw Magnusson reach down to adjust the fit of his pants. Neil sympathized, since his own trousers were cutting off the circulation to everywhere but his dick.

“So, ass for you, too?” Magnusson asked, burning him alive with those bright blue eyes of his.

“I-I like them meaty,” Neil said, to avoid admitting that he preferred dick most of all. A big dick and a guy who knew how to fuck him with it. He bet Magnusson had a huge one.

“Lots of cushion? Or more built?”

Neil cleared his throat. “Athletic. I guess.”

“Me, too.” Magnusson’s expression turned dreamy. “Nothing like a good wrestling match before I get my way.” He laughed, almost self-consciously.

Neil was beginning to think he would need to excuse himself soon to jerk one off in the bathroom. The visual of wrestling with Magnusson was something directly from a fantasy.

“So, like your assistant?” Neil asked, even though he didn’t want to hear the answer if the answer wasn’t him. “She was a hockey player, wasn’t she?”

“Darla is incredible. I love her. Not my type, though. I prefer brunettes.”

The air in the room seemed suddenly tense, or maybe it was only Neil having trouble with being drunk and horny and thinking how he filled all of Adrian Magnusson’s requirements except for being the wrong gender. That was a big ‘except.’

He was hard and he wanted to do something about it. He was pretty sure the other winger was, too, judging by how Magnusson kept reaching down to fiddle with his junk. Suggesting that they both whip it out and jerk off together, as though they were in high school, was out of the question. But Neil still wanted to do it. He wanted to ask Magnusson to wrap that huge hand of his around Neil’s cock and show off his stick handling.

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Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon by Andy V. Ambrose: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon

by Andy V. Ambrose

Thursday: Dr. S Is A Sex Maniac

“Oh, Doctor. A blowjob at an orgy! Is that liberation or frustration? And now I’m worried about disease too! How did I let myself… I can’t believe it!” I was blubbering to Dr. S about my little adventure at the sex party the other night. “Doctor, that’s not me,” I continued. “At least I didn’t think it was me before then.”

“Did you like it?”

What was this? Dr. S talking so early in the session?

“Yes, but… I didn’t want to like it. I mean, it happened so suddenly.”

Silence now.

“So, you think I really wanted that blowjob?”

More silence.

“I—I did like it when Gio used to give me blowjobs. He was really good at it.” I blushed. One of the few times I’ve talked about sex in here. Been coming a year, and it’s still not easy for me.

Of course, Dr. S loves it when I talk about sex. Practically creams in his pants, I’m sure. I can tell, because he doesn’t move a muscle when sex comes up. Becomes still, almost afraid to take a breath. Talk about getting his undivided attention. My other woes? Yeah, yeah, he’s the sympathetic therapist, but I’d hear him shifting a leg, coughing, even unwrapping a candy when I talk about the other stuff.

But sex? That’s his thing, baby, big time. Okay, we all need to get our jollies one way or the other. And maybe that’s Dr. S’s. But maybe I’m just not ready to spill all of my guts yet. Or maybe I am, but—But what? I’m scared, aren’t I? Why? Because I let that little runt Bert blow me at the sex party? Big deal. A million guys are probably getting blown this very second and nothing’s happening to them. A million? More like a billion if you include China and India. They have blowjobs there, don’t they?

I do that a lot, think about all these crazy things when I’m lying on Dr. S’s couch. Like today. I was trying to think of how many blowjobs are going on in India and China at any given moment while I’m spilling my emotional guts on the couch. Probably a way of avoiding something deeper.

“What’s on your mind?” Dr. S finally asked, probably impatient with my silence since I was still thinking about those Chinese and Indian blowjobs.


“Really? Nothing?”

Caught again. “Okay, well, I was just thinking how much I miss Gio,” I lied. Well, it wasn’t a total lie. Thinking about blowjobs in China and India got me reminiscing about Gio’s blowjobs again.


“Oh, ah, right. Gio. I—well, I was thinking about sex with Gio.”

There. I said it. And yup, Dr. S tensed up. No breath. No movement. Nothing. All I had to do is say the magic word, S-E-X.

Is that all he cares about? It’s not all about sex, is it? I started talking about Gio’s personality, and smile, and wit, and how warm it felt when he hugged me.

Dr. S shifted in his chair. Ah-hah. He was getting bored already.

“Relationships are complicated, aren’t they?” I said, still trying to move away from the S word. “I mean, Gio and I loved each other. At least I think we did. Of course, what do I know about love? I didn’t come out until late. I was a good Catholic boy, remember? The nuns in the school where I went didn’t talk about love and romance. That should be a requirement in schools, don’t you think, Doctor? Some discussion of love?”

Dr. S was really squirming in his chair now. And coughing. I was just waiting for the candy unwrapping to start.

“So that’s why it was great when Gio used to fuck the shit out of me! Man, his big cock inside me made up for all those Catholic moments!”

If I could only say that. It would wake Dr. S up, wouldn’t it?

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Release Blitz: Fearing the Dream by Ann Marie James + Excerpt!

Fearing the Dream by Ann Marie James

What happens when a man who is always alone meets a man who never is?

Sergei is the leader within the Russian immigrant community in Raleigh and the head of his family. He is a successful businessman who has carefully cultivated his intimidating persona, not correcting people when they believe him to be the head of the area’s Russian mob. Everyone comes to him if they have a problem. His problem is that he doesn’t know how to tell them no, especially his sister.

Stuart spends a lot of time alone, working from home as a graphic and website designer. He doesn’t want to be alone, but it’s simply how things have worked out. Stuart was devastated when his mother let his stepfather kick him out of the house as soon as he graduated high school. Working two—and sometimes three—jobs to put himself through college didn’t leave him a lot of time to socialize. He has had to look out for himself for a long time now and finds it hard to let anyone in. Becoming friends with Lee Clark at Everyone’s Mechanic is one of the best things that has ever happened to him and it leads to him meeting Sergei.

Sergei has to break through Stuart’s protective shell and give him a home and family. Stuart needs to teach Sergei that it’s okay to have boundaries, even with loved ones.

Available at: Amazon

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Baking Battles by Sophia Soames: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Baking Battles

by Sophia Soames

Mattias should protest. Honestly, he should, but the photographer is back in his face and he tries to remember where this Pablo has told him to put his hips. Not that he doesn’t look a twat standing there in a t-shirt that is several sizes too small for him, where his nipples are poking through the thin fabric and his arms are getting goosebumps from the fan directed at his face to make his hair move. Well, there is so much gel in his locks that it probably wouldn’t move if a hurricane swept through the studio, and that Pablo is nowhere to be found to rescue him, so he just resigns himself to the photographer hurling instructions at him and demanding that he pouts.

He knows he can veto the photos, and somewhere in the deep dark pit of his stomach, he knows Danijel won’t let him look like a complete arse. Even though the said man is now dragging him off into a dark corner, letting a small giggle rip loose as the tips of his fingers poke at Mattias’s gelled-back hair.

“You look weird, man.” He says, but his eyes are twinkling and Mattias just stares at him.

“Please let me out of this hell…” Mattias begs.

“No way, Matt, my man. This is going far too well. Far too well.” Danijel’s grin is evil. “I have ten contestants in place, all are checked in. I have the most awesome host, and Caroline. Oh, thank God for Caroline. I don’t know how we let her walk all those years ago, because nobody manages the floor better than Caroline.”

He lets his eyes follow Danijel’s gaze over to where Caroline is shouting into the headset that is now clipped into her ear as she gestures wildly at someone at the back of the studio.

“Now watch this, and tell me that we are not creating magic.” Danijel whispers, then shouts out, “Silence,” and, on cue, the room falls into complete quiet. It’s a well-built-in word in the industry. One little word that makes everyone tiptoe on their rubber-soled feet. It makes movements slow down to careful gestures. Voices effortlessly quieten down to whispers.


Mattias can see one of their resident cameramen swing his dolly into position, showing that he is ready and rolling as the lighting almost blinds the man walking through the unmanned baking stations, letting his hands gently touch one of the bright red baking machines before he looks up, his eyes focusing on the camera lens and his mouth curling into a blinding smile.

Mattias watches on the side monitor, as Danijel’s breath hitches in anticipation. The man on the screen is taking his time and the practical side of Mattias is already thinking that they will need to shout, “Cut!” But, at the same time he is mesmerised. The man is, well, Mattias has never seen him before, yet of course he has. He knows who this guy is. He would recognise his voice, that deep baritone vocal that the country seems to have fallen in love with, anywhere. He’s tall and sleek, curves and angles in all the right places. Dark hair neatly cropped back into the man’s signature style. His skin flawless and powdered into perfection. His eyes pierced at the lens.

“Christmas is my favourite time of the year, when families come together to spend quality time with the people they love. Where guestrooms are prepared for visitors from far away, where friendships are reunited, and gifts are exchanged. Where sometimes religion plays a part, and sometimes our celebrations just centre around that little thing we call love. Where we look after those we care for, where we show each other friendship and gratitude. Where we thank those of us who have helped us throughout the year, people like our teachers and medical staff, and where we tell those close to us that they are needed and cherished. And even though we may not see each other every day, at this point of the year, we make the time to meet. To bond. To love each other just that little bit more. That is what Christmas is to me, and then, of course, I would be on the completely wrong show if I don’t mention the thing that Christmas is really all about.”

The man stops again, letting his body lean just that little bit forward as the camera zooms back. And Mattias breathes out. He shouldn’t have been holding his breath, but this, the very first minutes of a show can make or break a series. It needs to be right and if they have to film it again, and again, so be it. Not that they will have to reshoot shit with the guy on the monitor popping a biscuit in his mouth. Where the fuck was he hiding that biscuit?

“Because Christmas is all about food, drink and…” The man wriggles his half-eaten biscuit, sporting that shit-eating grin and a crumb on his chin, as all the deep dimples on his face show. “Baked goods.”

He laughs and Mattias now almost shouts “Cut!” himself. The guy is chewing his biscuit and leaning casually against one of the worktops, angling his head and flashing that smile again.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Welcome to this very special Christmas edition of Baking Battles, where some of our most loved celebrities will show off our fantastic range of Norwegian Christmas traditions, some old, some new and some with a new twist no doubt. So sit back and grab yourself a glass of Gløgg, and get ready for the most wonderful season of baking, cooking, laughing, and yes, of course, there will be drama and tears. It wouldn’t be Baking Battles without them, now would it?”

He steps forward again, stopping only to cross his arms over his chest, showing off just the right amount of muscle tone through the thin designer shirt spray-painted onto his body, as he smiles again.

“I’m Christopher Pedersen, and this, is Baking Battles.”

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Second Priority by Este Holland: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Second Priority

by Este Holland

Riley glanced at me but had to concentrate on the traffic as we neared the airport. It wasn’t anything like LAX, but there were plenty of cars. The hotel was standard, and I checked us in without any trouble. We took our bags, grabbed the elevator, and I let us in with the keycard.

I sighed again, deeper this time. “I thought I’d be done with hotels for a few weeks.”

Riley groaned. “I’m sorry. I didn’t even think of that.” He threw his bag on the bed. “We could find an Airbnb, maybe?”

“No, she’ll be right.”

Riley smiled. “You don’t say stuff like that very often. Not that we’ve been around each other that much.”

He fiddled with his bag, and I walked over to take his hand in mine. “I don’t spend much time in Melbourne.”

He stilled and stared into my eyes. “Why?”

I shrugged and played with his slender fingers. “Not a lot of good memories.”

Riley frowned and leaned his forehead against mine, and we stayed like that for several heartbeats. Then, he leaned in slowly and pressed his lips to mine, soft and sweet. It made my heart ache.

“I need a shower.”

Riley nodded. “I’ll get us some food. What do you feel like?”

“Doesn’t matter. Whatever’s close.”

I went to the bathroom, undressed and showered. When I came out, Riley wasn’t back yet, so I sat on the bed in my towel, drying my shaggy hair. I needed a cut. I grabbed my phone and stared at a picture I’d taken long ago. I’d snapped it of a printed-out photo in a frame, so I’d have it with me. Me, Mum, Dad, and Jamie. My little brother. We were happy, smiling like idiots with sunscreen on our noses at the beach.

I shook off my mood and looked up when the door opened. Riley stopped and stared at my chest. The door slammed shut, and he jumped. I chuckled and stood to grab the pizza box he held. He shrugged off his coat, but his eyes kept straying to the tattoo over my left pec.

“You’ve seen me without my shirt.”

“Not this close.” His cheeks flushed red, and I smiled and sidled closer.

He swallowed and tried not to stare. I wasn’t huge, more lean and wiry, but I had decent muscle definition. Surprising me, he lifted his hand and traced the outline of my ink. It was a vague representation of the Australian continent made of native leaves and flowers and a tiny bee.

I watched his fingers. “I didn’t want to forget where I came from, though it hurts to think of it most days.”

“Why?” Riley whispered.

I squinted one eye as I peered at him, then bit my lip. “Why don’t we eat, and you can grab a shower, and then we can talk?”

His eyes darted back and forth between mine. “Okay.”

We drank sodas and ate pizza, then after Riley showered, we sat together on one of the queen-sized beds in our pajamas. Riley smelled of soap and mint from his toothpaste. 

I loved being close to him, breathing the same air, and touching feet under the blankets. The curtains were open, and we talked as the snow drifted down outside in the yellow glow of parking lot lights.

I handed him my phone with the picture of my family pulled up.

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Release Blitz: The Redemption of River by Eli Easton + Giveaway!

The Redemption of River by Eli Easton

River Larsen is a world traveler, truth-seeker, and tantric healer. He’s a master of loving all—and no one. Both his past and his spiritual path warn him against attachment. When he falls for his surrogacy client and coffee magnate, Brent McKay, River tells himself it’s a temporary idyll, a beautiful encounter they’ll both enjoy and move on from like mature adults. Only his heart misses that memo.

Brent McKay hasn’t been interested in sex since his wife died two years ago. When he goes to Expanded Horizons sex clinic in Seattle for help, he meets River Larsen, a sex surrogate specializing in reiki massage and tantric sex therapy. Brent never expected to be interested in a man, but River’s light-filled spirit, inner peace, and electric touch bring him back to life. Brent’s loyal heart is ready to commit again. But how can he convince River that love can last forever—if you just have faith?

The Redemption of River features a widower who surprises himself, a gorgeous hippy who thinks he’s a dandelion puff, an age gap, midlife discovery of bisexuality, foodie Seattle, a houseboat, dogs, a trip to Mumbai, and tantric secrets. (You know, the ones that let you have sex for hours. Those secrets.)

The Redemption of River takes place in part at the Expanded Horizons sex clinic and is thus book #4 of the Sex in Seattle series. It features a brand new couple and can be read as a stand-alone.

Available at: Amazon

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Book Review: I’ll See You Again by Chris Bedell

Reviewed by Astros

Title: I’ll See You Again
Author: Chris Bedell
Heroes: Cyrus & Nico
Genre: YA M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 227 pages
Publisher: Deep Hearts YA
Release Date: March 6, 2020
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: It’s the start of his senior year, and Cyrus should be worried about college applications, procrastinating on homework, and staying up past his bedtime. And he does, until his mother’s cancer returns.

To make matters worse, Nico Valentine—the person Cyrus hates most—insists on being his friend. Carefree, flirtatious, and spontaneous, Nico is everything Cyrus’s childhood never allowed him to be. When their English teacher offers Cyrus extra credit to tutor Nico, Cyrus knows he shouldn’t accept. He could use the distraction, though.

A fling soon ensues, and Cyrus realizes they have more in common than he thought. What is more, Nico is the first person who seems to get him and who is there no matter what. But, if Cyrus wants his romance with Nico to turn into something real, he’ll have to do something he’s never done before—be vulnerable with another person.

Adam Silvera’s HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME meets Rachel Lynn Solomon’s YOU’LL MISS ME WHEN I’M GONE in this tale of heartbreak and second chances.

Content Advisory:
This novel contains discussions and scenes of self-harm and suicide ideation.
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