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A Chance at Love by Silvia Violet: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from A Chance at Love

by Silvia Violet


Chance put the straws in their drinks and arranged Darren’s fries on the console where he could easily reach them as Darren brought up the observatory on his GPS app and headed out of the parking lot.

“So what should we do after you let me be impulsive?”

“After I let you be insane.”

Chance waved off his comment. “Whatever.”

“What exactly should one do after getting blown under the stars?”

“Take your man home and ride his ass until he can’t breathe?”

Darren thought he might choke for a second. After a fit of coughing, he said, “You’ve got to stop doing that while I’m driving. And eating.”

“Well, you asked; but probably we should have dinner before you take me home.”

Dinner was a reasonably safe topic. “What’s your favorite kind of food?”

“I don’t really have a favorite. I love trying new things. My roommate, Joon, is Korean, and he’s been cooking a lot for me. I thought I could take things super spicy, but he’s nearly killed me a few times.”

Darren could just imagine Chance’s reaction to insanely hot food. “Maybe I should have asked what you don’t like?”

“Mangos. I’ve tried, but I just can’t stand them.”

“I think I can manage to find an excellent place to eat with absolutely no need to consume mangoes.”

“Then why don’t you pick such a place and surprise me. It’s only fair since you’re indulging my whim.”

They were silent for a few moments, and Darren enjoyed the scenery as they moved out of the city and farther into the hills. It was that time of evening when it got darker every minute, and he loved watching the shadows gather in the scrub on the hillsides.

“What is your favorite type of food?” Chance asked after they’d both finished their fries.

Darren thought for a few seconds. “Thai, I think. No, Italian. No. I guess I don’t have one either.”

“Anything you hate?”

“There are things I don’t like, but nothing I absolutely won’t eat, and I’ll try anything.”

“That is very good to hear.”

Darren glanced over at him. “Are you still talking about food?”


Darren chuckled. “Of course you’re not.”

“I love making you laugh.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. I get the feeling you don’t do it enough.”

Darren thought about that. He certainly didn’t laugh nearly as much when he wasn’t with Chance. He couldn’t decide if that was wonderful or frightening, because every time Chance amused him, Darren longed for him to do it again.

Chance turned the XM radio on. Darren had it on the talk station he usually listened to on the way to work, but Chance flipped it to Willie’s Roadhouse, and a song about a lonely man crying in his truck flooded the car.

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