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Adore by Ella James: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Adore

by Ella James

His fist tightens around my shirt, and finally, I allow myself to look up at him. His face is hard. His eyes are fire. His body’s heat burns through his clothes, warming mine through the starched poplin of my dress shirt. His smell fills my head—sweet detergent and a bite of spice.


My heart gives a hard kick, and my vision fuzzes at the edges. For a leaden moment, time stalls. Possibility sprouts unbidden, twisting through my heart so that I’m nothing but the sharp ache of my desperate needs and pitiful-eager intentions.

I would give anything.

And it would end me.

I haul air into my lungs. Lock my hand around his wrist and squeeze so hard my fingers tremble. And I lie. I’m a liar, so it should be easier to say it.


I see his jaw tic, see a flash in his eyes that could be regret or pain. He says, “I know.”

His eyes shut like he’s in prayer. Then he sinks down to the floor beside me. His hand finds my cock. Bliss streams through me as he rubs my erection…squeezes.

“I see how bad you don’t want me. You don’t want me hard enough to hurt.”

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