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Whiteout Conditions by Dara Nelson: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Whiteout Conditions

by Dara Nelson, Writing as Kendel Duncan

Vaughn stood with Caysun next to the huge black Harley and he stared, and stared.  Yeah, he could see why he refused to leave it….or let anyone else drive it.  That had him frowning because all he could picture was how damn sexy Cay would look riding it.

Cay?  Now he was using nicknames? Well, thinking them anyways.

He huffed as he shook his head.  “Lend me your cuffs, would ya, Preston?”


“You’re going to cuff my hands around loverboy here, that way if he tries anything to get me off the bike, he’s going with me.”

Without looking over, Caysun smirked and said, “Honey, I’m not getting you off my bike but I definitely may want to get you off on my bike.”

Vaughn rolled his eyes as Brent snorted and JD laughed but truth be told, he liked the stuff that was falling from Caysun’s mouth.  It challenged him.

It made him want to shut it – with his hand…..or better yet, his dick.

Said dick twitched behind his zipper.  He couldn’t climb onto the back of Caysun’s bike with a hard-on.  He’d never hear the end of it.

“Just give me your goddamn hands, Rourke,” he said with a slight growl as he spun Caysun around.

As he unlocked the cuffs, Caysun leaned closer, too close, and put his lips to Vaughn’s ear, “I can smell your hard-on, Deputy,” he whispered.

Vaughn glared at him, “What are you, a fucking vampire?”

Caysun grinned, “If you want me to be, I’ll be a vampire.  For you, I can be anything you want, Deputy Kepler.”

A shiver rushed down Vaughn’s spine. 

Motherfucking hell.  This man not only pushed all of Vaughn’s buttons, he pushed buttons that Vaughn didn’t even know he had.

“Just get on the damn bike, Cay.”

Caysun hummed, “Mmmm, nicknames.  I like it,” he said as he slowly slid his keys from the front pocket of his jeans and then threw his leg over the bike.

Vaughn swore he could smell the sweet scent of the leather chaps and vest that he was certain that Caysun wore on long rides.

Okay….now he was smelling phantom shit.  What the fuck was happening here?

He shook his head to clear it then climbed onto the bike behind Caysun.  He tried to keep his dick from making contact with Caysun’s ass but with the way the seats were designed to slide the passenger forward, that feat was impossible.  He had to bite back the groan that wanted to come out when his dick settled into the warmth of Caysun as if they were made to be together, as if they were born for each other.

They fit together perfectly, a fact that Vaughn tried, unsuccessfully, to push to the back of his mind

Okay, now even his thoughts were getting sappy.  He was clearly losing his fucking mind.  Probably because it’d been so long since he dicked someone out….or got dicked out.

He snorted at his own thoughts.

“Something funny, Deputy?” Caysun said from in front of him.

Vaughn frowned, “No, nothing,” he mumbled.

“Well then, wrap your arms around me…..tight.”

Vaughn sighed as he put his arms around Caysun’s waist, trying to leave space between his body and Cay’s.  But then Caysun grabbed his wrists and pulled until Vaughn’s chest thumped again against Caysun’s back.

“Tight, Deputy Kepler.  Wouldn’t want you to risk falling.”

Again, Vaughn squeezed his eyes shut as JD clicked his cuffs in place while Caysun’s words slithered over him.

If he was truly honest with himself, he might be able to admit that he was already falling………

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Love Worth Fighting For by Dara Nelson: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Love Worth Fighting For

by Dara Nelson

Tommy flies off the bed and runs to the bathroom.  He opens the cabinet under the sink and throws the bag, the towel, everything inside, shoving the door closed and then he jumps into the shower and turns it on.

He has to bite back his scream when ice cold water pummels him for a few seconds until the hot kicks in.

“There you are.  Hey, babe,” Gio says from the doorway.

When Tommy looks over at him, his eyes catch on the cupboard door….the slightly open cupboard door.

Oh shit.

Distract, Tommy, distract.

“Feel like joining me?” he says with a grin.

Gio’s eye darken with lust as he takes a step forward.  The edge of his pantleg brushes against the open cabinet door, making Tommy suck in a breath and hold it.  But Gio’s focus is entirely on Tommy.

He sets the Romero’s bag with food in it and his phone on the counter and slips his suit jacket off of his arms.

Tommy’s hand reaches down to give his dick a few tugs, “Oh, I love it when you strip for me.”

Gio chuckles, “Do I need to dance too?”

“Nope.  What you’re doing is just fine.”

Gio’s eyes lock on Tommy’s cock and somehow, they darken even more.

“Tommy,” he whispers as he wrenches the knot out of his tie.

He yanks it over his head and drops it to the floor.  His shoes are quickly toed off and then…..

And then….

The man stalks forward, barely controlled lust oozing from every pore in his body.

Tommy’s eyes go wide, “Gio?” he whispers and takes a step backwards.

“Tommy, I need you,” Gio rasps out as he steps into the shower…..still wearing his clothes, his socks.

“Oh fuck,” Tommy mumbles as he takes another step backwards.

Seeing Gio, his hair shining with the mist from the steam, his dark chest hair a sharp contrast to the wet white shirt that was now clinging to his body, is both intimidating and hot-as-fuck.

Fuck me running, Tommy thinks, this is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

“Gio,” Tommy repeats, it seems to be the only word that Tommy’s brain could say at the moment.

As Gio walks forward, Tommy steps back.  Not because he’s afraid but because he feels like Gio’s power, his lust, his desire, is pushing Tommy backwards.  He keeps moving until his back meets the unforgiving wall behind him.

Gio steps even closer, placing both hands on the wall by Tommy’s head, barely an inch of space separating their bodies and then he begins sliding his nose and stubbled cheek over Tommy’s face, his lips ghosting across Tommy’s lips but never quite pressing against them the way that Tommy desperately wants them to.  Tommy whimpers when Gio’s lips make light contact with his and he tries to press forward, to connect, to taste the man that he loves with every fiber of his being. But Gio pulls back and, with a smirk that let’s Tommy know that Gio knows exactly how he’s affecting Tommy, he moves his lips along Tommy’s jaw and down the side of his neck.

Tommy’s hands reach out the grab the top of Gio’s pants to try to pull the man closer, “Please,” he begs with a whimper.

“I need you, Tiger,” Gio says again.

“I’m yours, Gio.”

Gio’s mouth moves to Tommy’s adams apple and he sucks it into his mouth before lapping it with his tongue then he moves his mouth to the side of Tommy’s neck.

“I need you,” Gio whispers against the skin just before sucking it into the heat of his mouth, marking him.

“I’m yours.”

Gio’s lips move up Tommy’s jaw, his tongue rasping over the stubble.

“Need you,” he says again.

“Take me.”

Gio pulls his head back and stares, the pupils in his eyes blown open so wide that his dark brown eyes appear black.

“Tommy,” he whispers, an almost pained look on his face.

“Gio, please.”

His hands move to grip either side of his shirt and he rips it open in a flurry of wet sounds and flying buttons. 

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