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Honorary Blogger Jessamyn Kingley: Why the Decision to Release With a New Title and Cover? + Excerpt & Giveaway!


Why the Decision to Release With a New Title and Cover?

by Jessamyn Kingley

It all started with the cover. I first published Book 1 in 2015 and the second book, Sentinel’s Dagger, wasn’t released until 2017. I used the same cover artist, but she chose a different look and feel when she designed Book 2. I was in love with it and she has carried that theme through the next six books I published. It was automatic that when I re-released it I would have her design something that fit in with the entire D’Vaire series to make them cohesive. I also realized I had published eight stories centered around a home ruled by a dragon shifter and I hadn’t picked a cover that showed their majesty.

With the decision made to redo the look, I couldn’t help but consider the title. It was originally called Grand Redemption which I can honestly say never seemed like the perfect fit. I struggled with naming it and though I have with others none so intensely as Book 1. Grand was supposed to reflect Dra’Kaedan’s title and the word redemption referred to many of the different things going on in the story. However, none of that redemption was fully realized in the first book. There are story arcs that have carried over for some characters up to twelve stories while others are still waiting for it. Redemption is only beginning in the book. So, since I had the opportunity to consider other options I seized it. I wanted something that spoke of not only Dra’Kaedan and Brogan but the series as a whole. Dra’Kaedan’s Coven was the answer to that, I didn’t even have to consider other choices. I just wish I had thought of it the first time around. If I had, there’s no way I would have changed it!

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Book Review: Dra’Kaedan’s Coven by Jessamyn Kingley

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: Dra’Kaedan’s Coven
Author: Jessamyn Kingley
Series: D’Vaire #1
Heroes: Ayden & Brogan
Genre: M/M Fantasy
Length: 287 pages
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: August 30, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Dra’Kaedan of Leolinnia was born with a mark of Fate proclaiming that someday he would be the Grand Warlock. Standing in his way is Carvallius of Mallent who is desperate to rule the warlocks. His granddaughter Latarian has little magic so Carvallius concocts a plan to kidnap Dra’Kaedan to steal his power. After carving spells into Dra’Kaedan’s back, he begins life anew as Latarian’s familiar whom she calls Ayden. With no memory of his past, the pair are shuffled off to a cottage while Carvallius enlists the help of a brutal elven tribe to rob Dra’Kaedan of his future title. The tactic backfires, and the Coven of Warlocks is destroyed.

Minutes after Brogan shifts into a dragon for the first time, his best friend is banished from their court. Loyal to the core, Brogan follows Aleksander through the castle gates of their old home. Fate turns Aleksander into a king and Court D’Vaire is established. Considered cursed by dragonkind the D’Vaire’s are ostracized. After six centuries of loneliness Brogan leaves his family desperate to find his mate. He has no idea Fate has intervened and sent his other half right to Aleksander’s doorstep.

As a familiar Ayden struggles between a voice inside him that insists he is something more and Latarian’s stringent set of rules. He finds himself torn as he and Brogan try to find common ground. Can the pair find love and will Dra’Kaedan find out his true destiny before it’s too late?
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