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Infinity Series by C.J. Lynne: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Worth the Risk

by C.J. Lynne

“So you’re going out of town?”  His heart sank as he asked the question even while he told himself he was just being silly.  Jax couldn’t spend every second of the day with him. They both had lives to live.

“Yeah, I have to fly to New York in the morning for a few days,” Jax unhappily replied.  Then his eyes lit up and he asked, “Why don’t you come with me?”

Ty balked and not at the thought of going away with Jax, but rather at his destination.  Oh hell no!  There was no way on God’s green earth that he was going to willfully set foot back in New York again if he could help it.  That city held nothing but heartache and pain that he didn’t want to relive again—Thank you very much.

“Thanks for the offer, but I can’t,” he declined with a forced half-smile.

“My treat,” Jax coaxed with one of his blinding grins.

“That’s too extravagant, besides, I have to work.  Remember?”

“I know you do.”  Jax’s lips turned down in disappointment.  “I thought you’d say no, but it was worth a shot.”

“How long will you be gone?”  

“A few days.”  He leaned in and kissed Ty’s lips then playfully growled, “And you behave while I’m away.”

“Me?”  He gave an innocent look and placed a hand to his chest.  “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“I don’t?”

“Nope.”  Ty shook his head.  “I’ll be working, sleeping,”—he paused before admitting—“and missing you.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Of course you do.”  Ty playfully rolled his eyes and then reluctantly asked, “What time is it?”

Jax reached for his phone and replied, “Two thirty.”

Boy, time had flown.  It always did when he was with Jax.  “I have to leave in about thirty minutes if I want to get to work on time.”

Jax shifted and stared down at him.  “Will you come back and stay with me tonight?”

“It’ll be late, probably after two.”

“I don’t care.  I want you to come back.”  Jax trailed fingers down his cheek.  “Can you find your way back here? Do you want me to pick you up?”

“Don’t worry.”    Ty laughed and promised, “I can make it back.”  Unable to stop from touching Jax, he fingered the smooth tanned pecs.  His skin was warm and inviting, and Ty wanted to taste him to see if he was salty from the sea.  “Are you sure you want me to though, since you have to fly out early tomorrow?”

“I’m positive.”  Jax leaned down so close that he could see the darker flecks of blue in his pupils.  “I want to fall asleep with you in my arms and wake up beside you tomorrow morning.”

“That sounds nice,” he whispered, surprised he could articulate because Jax’s declaration had just knocked the air out of his lungs.  

“Mmm, it does.  Doesn’t it? And it will give me something to hold onto until I’m back home with you.”  Jax kissed him nice and slow and long. When he lifted his head, he gave him a wink and ordered, “While I’m gone, just remember who you belong to.”

His heart thudded at Jax’s statement and the possessive look aimed at him.  He supposed he should be offended, and should tell Jax he didn’t belong to anyone but himself; however, he said nothing.  Instead, he reclined back on the chaise next to Jax, and closed his eyes to hide the emotions swimming in their depths. He tried to swallow the lump that was clogging his throat to no avail.  Jax was right. He did belong to him, and vice versa.  

How had this happened?  How has Jax in a few short weeks so expertly obliterated each and every obstacle I’ve purposefully encased my heart in for years?  Ty had no idea, but one thing he did know without a doubt was that the man lounging beside him was going to forever change his life, and he was absolutely helpless to stop him.  He wasn’t even sure he wanted to try.

Turning his head to rest it on Jax’s shoulder, he sighed in contentment, feeling no desire to move back to his own lounger, and Jax seemed more than happy to have him stay right where he was.   Jax trailed fingers through his slightly damp hair before resting his hand over Ty’s heart, and it felt incredibly…right. If he never had to move from this spot, he’d be happy. What a monumental declaration that was.

Ty was lost, utterly and completely lost.  Or maybe…just maybe…he was finally found.


Exclusive Excerpt from Finally Letting Go

“Well, well, well.  Fancy meeting you here,” a sarcastic voice—one Brandon knew well—interrupted his dark thoughts, making him look up to find Simon Carter grinning at him.  The man in question then pulled out a chair and sat down at his table uninvited. “Mind if I sit?”

“What…?” Brandon blinked rapidly before trying again, “Who said you could join me?”

The last thing he needed or wanted was another confrontation with Simon.  He had enough turmoil in his life presently. However, for once, Simon didn’t seem angry with him.  Despite the fact he was being rather presumptuous, he actually smiled and looked…almost friendly. It must be the holiday spirit influencing him.

Brandon remained silent and—hopefully unobtrusively—studied the man now sitting across from him.  As usual Simon Carter look good enough to devour. He was dressed in navy sweats with the Berkeley University logo emblazoned across his broad chest in gold.  The color enhanced his jet-black hair and dark-green eyes, and the appealing picture he made caused Brandon’s pulse to quicken.  

“Why can’t I sit here?”  Simon gave him a challenging look.  “Do you have a hot guy meeting you?”  

Yeah, and he just sat down, Brandon silently answered and then groaned inwardly at his forbidden thoughts.  This man just made all of his common sense fly out of the window, to be replaced with illogical, maddening lust instead.  But hell, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to get horizontal with Simon Carter—male or female?  

“If I was meeting a date here, it would be a woman not a man,” Brandon pointedly responded once he could articulate.

Simon’s eyebrows winged up and he drawled, “Oh really?”

“Really,” Brandon insisted, bristling at the obvious disbelieve in those two sarcastically uttered words.  “I don’t date men.”

“Hmmm.  So, you just fuck ‘em and leave ‘em?” Simon asked, removing the paper from his straw and punching it into the lid of his drink.

“What?”  Brandon’s eyes widened in shock.  Where were these absurd questions coming from?  “No, I don’t, and would you keep your voice down.”

“Dude, you’re so funny.”  

Simon shook his head and poured ketchup over his fries.  God, didn’t the guy know you’re supposed to dunk fries not smother them?

“Got enough ketchup?” Brandon frowned and then demanded, “And what’s so funny?  Exactly are you trying to say?”

“I’m implying that you, my tightly closeted friend…” Simon paused, placed a few fries in his mouth and chewed while smirking at him.

“That I what?”  Brandon demanded, and then was compelled to add, “I’m not in the closet.”

“You think I believe that?” Simon asked, watching him with piercing eyes that made Brandon want to run and hide.

“Why wouldn’t you?  It’s the truth.”

“I’m gay, Brandon,” Simon said bluntly and Brandon’s heart skipped several beats in response.  Oh hell, why did he have to tell me that?   “I’m not ashamed of nor do I want to hide my sexuality,” Simon continued.

“Bully for you.”  Brandon’s dry tone elicited a chastising look from his uninvited lunch guest.

“Yeah, it’s much more pleasant living one’s life out in the open,” Simon informed after eating a few more fries.    “I suggest you try it before you explode from repression overload.”

“What are you a shrink?” Brandon challenged.

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