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Finding Alexander by Pandora Pine: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Finding Alexander

by Pandora Pine

Just one taste, I promised myself, knowing it was a lie. It was one more sin to add to my tally for the day. My tongue came out to lick against his thick, full lips, but I was in for a surprise. Instead of tasting his lips, Dillinger’s tongue was suddenly rubbing against my own. Great minds kissed alike. 

After the way I’d acted there was no way I deserved to be kissed like this. Not by the man who’d borne the brunt of my dickish behavior. Anubis help me, I couldn’t stop. 

Dillinger’s hands came up to my chest. With a small push, he backed away from me. Dawning of what we’d just done filtered through his green eyes. 

“You need to eat.”Dillinger shook his head. Maybe he was trying to shake the remnants of our kiss off himself, or maybe his head was still spinning like mine was. “Martyring yourself through starvation won’t help anyone.”

Damn…Was Dillinger even speaking English. I could still feel the ghost of his kiss on my lips and his fingerprints on my heart. Wait! What? 

Before I knew what was happening, Dillinger was grabbing my arm and half-dragging me to the table. Pressing down on my shoulders, he pushed me into the chair in front of the tray. With my head in the clouds over the kiss and the revelation that Dillinger had possibly cracked the wall of iron, wrapped in concrete covered by ice around my heart, the last thing on my mind was food. 

“Don’t make me force-feed you.”Dillinger’s eyes glittered with menace as he slid into the seat across from me. 

“Dillinger, I-”

“I didn’t say talk. I said eat. I’ve got plenty to say for the both of us.”His face was all business now. There was no hint at all of the heat there had been flashing over between us only a few minutes ago.

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