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He Shoots, He Scores by Tricia Owens: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from He Shoots, He Scores

by Tricia Owens

If Magnusson continued to stare at him like that, Neil was going to start humping the mattress. Fortunately—kind of—Magnusson pulled his gaze away to stare blankly at the TV again.

“What’s your type, Shannon? What do you like? Tits or ass?”

Danger. This is dangerous. Don’t do it, Neil. Don’t—

“You first.”

“Ass,” Magnusson said immediately. “No question. The rounder the better. I love taking a big handful and burying my face in there, and just—” He looked over at Neil and his face reddened. “You know?”

Neil felt his face burning, too, and his cock throbbed. “Yeah,” he said a bit hoarsely.

He had to look away when he saw Magnusson reach down to adjust the fit of his pants. Neil sympathized, since his own trousers were cutting off the circulation to everywhere but his dick.

“So, ass for you, too?” Magnusson asked, burning him alive with those bright blue eyes of his.

“I-I like them meaty,” Neil said, to avoid admitting that he preferred dick most of all. A big dick and a guy who knew how to fuck him with it. He bet Magnusson had a huge one.

“Lots of cushion? Or more built?”

Neil cleared his throat. “Athletic. I guess.”

“Me, too.” Magnusson’s expression turned dreamy. “Nothing like a good wrestling match before I get my way.” He laughed, almost self-consciously.

Neil was beginning to think he would need to excuse himself soon to jerk one off in the bathroom. The visual of wrestling with Magnusson was something directly from a fantasy.

“So, like your assistant?” Neil asked, even though he didn’t want to hear the answer if the answer wasn’t him. “She was a hockey player, wasn’t she?”

“Darla is incredible. I love her. Not my type, though. I prefer brunettes.”

The air in the room seemed suddenly tense, or maybe it was only Neil having trouble with being drunk and horny and thinking how he filled all of Adrian Magnusson’s requirements except for being the wrong gender. That was a big ‘except.’

He was hard and he wanted to do something about it. He was pretty sure the other winger was, too, judging by how Magnusson kept reaching down to fiddle with his junk. Suggesting that they both whip it out and jerk off together, as though they were in high school, was out of the question. But Neil still wanted to do it. He wanted to ask Magnusson to wrap that huge hand of his around Neil’s cock and show off his stick handling.

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