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Intoxicating by Onley James: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Intoxicating

by Onley James

Linc braced himself over Wyatt with one hand, the other slipping back around his throat as their bodies aligned perfectly, their cocks slotting alongside each other.

“Yes,” Wyatt sobbed.

“Yes, what?” Linc growled against his ear, squeezing his throat just enough for Wyatt to struggle. “Say it. I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Wyatt whispered.

Linc bit at his lips, rocking their bodies faster. “Again, say it again.”

“Please, Daddy.”

“Beg me.”

“Please. Please. I need you. I need th—” His words died on a harsh shout as Linc ground their hips together. “Please, Daddy. Please. Please. Please,” he chanted, almost like he didn’t even know the words were falling from his lips.

“Good boy,” Linc praised

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