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Unfettered by Kate Hawthorne: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Unfettered

by Kate Hawthorne


“Is that a yes?” Beau gave him a rich and deep laugh as he unfurled the chain that stretched between the two clamps.


“Good. Same as last night, but naked.” Beau tilted his head toward the chair across the room.

Heath stood and stripped, folding his clothes before lowering himself into the chair he’d jerked off in the night before. Beau let him sit there, let the time pass, until Heath’s cock had made itself ache from the anticipation. A bead of precum leaked from his crown, and Beau finally stood up, closing the small space between them. He held the clamps out and Heath plucked the chain into his hand.

“Put these on.”

His fingers shook as he looked down, his nipples already hardened buds in the cool air of the room. He took one of his nipples between his fingers and pulled it away from his body and it hardened further. He opened one of the clamps and closed it around his nipple, gasping in shock at the sensation.

He’d, of course, worn clamps before, but he’d never put them on himself, and something about causing his own pain made it different, made it new. These clamps were small, the pinch end broad and covered in rubber, and there were small wheels that could be turned to adjust the pressure.

“And the other,” Beau coaxed.

Heath repeated the steps on his other nipple.

“Now touch yourself. Fuck your fist until you’re ready to come.”

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