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Pain and Promise by Lazlo Thorn: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Pain and Promise

by Lazlo Thorn

The wooden hut was very small, entirely whitewashed and with bare boards underfoot. The inside bristled with hooks, some with damp towels that smelt of sea salt, sand and sweat. Above the door some narrow, angled slats admitted a little daylight but otherwise the cubicle was completely closed off from the outside world. Dario shut himself in and paused for a moment. What had just happened? He couldn’t deny it. He was enjoying Luca’s company even more now and especially the opportunities this trip to the beach had provided for their clandestine contact sport. It wasn’t the first time he had noticed such feelings around other boys his own age. But what did it all mean? He returned to the mundane business of putting some dry clothes on. He slipped off his wet bathing trunks and looked down at the drops of sea water draining from his naked body, drizzling onto his bare feet and seeping into the boards below. He placed a hand on his hairy chest. He wasn’t a boy anymore. Neither of them was. Dario and Luca. They were men now.

Suddenly and without a knock, the door opened, and Luca, still dressed only in his skimpy bathing trunks, barged his way in. Initially startled and thinking that perhaps this intrusion was simply a mistake, Dario went to cover his naked genitals with his own wet costume. But Luca just smiled, closed the door, pressed a finger to his lips, and then brusquely pulled the wet swimming trunks from Dario’s hand and discarded them on the sandy floor.

The sound of their breathing suddenly dominated the little cabin. Luca grinned and then reached out, running his fingers through the coarse dark bush which framed Dario’s waking sex, and then grasped his swelling cock in his fist, pushing back hard against Dario’s pelvic bone. All those years playing the accordion had made Luca’s hands very strong, and with all the dexterity he usually reserved for working the keys on his musical instrument, he took Dario in his grasp and began to play.

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The Signal Box by Lazlo Thorn: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from The Signal Box

by Lazlo Thorn

Davy opened the heavy iron gate and entered the graveyard. The birds were singing in the nearby trees. They sounded happy. He closed the gate behind him. He preferred the graveyard at this time of year. In the winter, surrounded by the dead trees and the squawking ravens, it was a depressing place. But now in the spring, when the trees were in bloom and the birds were preparing to nest, it spoke of hope and renewal. And his gran had been a big advocate of hope and renewal.

He walked the short distance among the graves to where his Gran was resting. It was a simple grave, but then she wasn’t a fussy woman. The gravestone read: Emma Buckland, beloved wife and grandmother, born 1849, died 1913. He knelt and cleared a couple of small fallen branches in front of the headstone. The daffodils he had brought, her favourite flowers, were still wet with the early morning dew. He laid them reverentially on the grave. He stood up and took his cloth cap off. He wasn’t a particularly religious man. Praying wasn’t really his thing. But a part of him still trusted what they used to tell him in Sunday school that somehow life would go on and standing there among the sights, sounds and smells of spring, the yellow daffodils and the rising blades of fresh green grass, he could almost believe it.

“Hello, Gran,” he said. “Sorry it’s been so long. You know how it is. I’ve been busy with work and things. Look, I’ve brought your favourite flowers. I know how much you love them. So, what can I tell you? Jackie’s fine, doing well at her new school. A friend from the village, that Roberta girl, she’s gone up to spend a few days with her in Swindon. She’ll like that. I’m sure she misses her old friends. Life at the sheds hasn’t really changed. Well, it hasn’t but I have. That’s another reason why I’ve not been out to see you. I’m working extra shifts at the station. Mucking in with other jobs. I need to get on see, and I will. It’s all just a matter of distinguishing myself in the right eyes. So that’s what I’m doing.”

He paused. He had something big he wanted to tell her. But he just wasn’t sure how.

“I made a new friend. Mr Bixby, he’s the signalman. Don’t know if you ever met him. Nice chap. But then I guess you know that. In fact, I guess you see a lot from where you’re sitting right now. So, you probably also know that I’m in love. I’m in love with the signalman. You always did say I were different. Well you was right and maybe I ought to feel bad about that but I don’t. All I know is he makes me happy and he cares for me and he looks after me and why should it matter that he’s a man if we make each other happy? And he needs someone too. We all need someone, Gran. There I’ve said it. I can’t tell no one else so I’ve told you. I hope you understand.”

He drew a breath, relieved to have heard himself say these things at last and taking strength from the smell of new life lacing the fresh spring air, he straightened up and put his cap back on.

“I’ll not leave it so long next time. I promise. See you, Gran. I love you.”

Davy turned and made his way back to the iron gate. As he closed it, he looked up in the direction of his gran’s grave. A red squirrel darted across the graveyard and sat atop his grandmother’s tombstone. It looked back and studied Davy with its very big, dark eyes. Eyes so big and so dark you could fall into them …

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