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Let Me In by Luna David: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Let Me In

by Luna David

His heart nearly broke at the fake smile that Liam gave him and the nod of acceptance as he quickly turned away and busied himself with unpacking. “I’ll give you some time to settle in, all right? I’m going to go take a swim and check in with my office and see what’s going on and if I’m needed. After that, I’ll make dinner. You can come down any time, feel free to look around the house and make yourself at home. We’ll talk about our contract at dinner and go from there, okay?”

Again, with the fake smile and nod. “Yes, Sir.”

It was a Sir, not a Daddy, but at least it wasn’t devoid of both. They’d get through this and feel their way around until they both had sure footing. Until then, Cash would lead them toward what he knew was right for them for now. He’d leave options open, but he knew he’d never be enough for the boy. Hell, twenty years was a big difference in age, he wasn’t about to assume he’d be enough for Liam long term. Sure, he could take care of the boy, but just like with Tommy, he’d do what was best for Liam, find out what his dream was, and make it happen. He was good at that. It didn’t matter that Liam, and everything that he was, felt different to him.

It didn’t matter that he had an attraction to the boy like he’d never had with Tommy. Obviously, Tommy was beautiful, energetic, young, sweet, and fun, but he wasn’t Liam. And if he could say that this early on, how was he going to feel in a week, a month, half a year?

He knew he’d inevitably fall in love with Liam. Not just love him but be truly, madly in love with the boy. It would take time. But he’d known the second he’d seen him on his doorstep two days ago that the kid was different in a way that would draw him in like a fly to honey. He had to maintain some level of control, and this was the only way he knew how. He wasn’t about to shoot himself in the foot and reject the boy outright. He wasn’t that self-sacrificing, but in order to put the boy first, having him live at the opposite side of the house was his best solution.

He was fucked.

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