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Matched To His Wolf by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar: Exclusive Excerpt!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Matched To His Wolf

by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

“Watch where—Bentley,” the man said, who I now recognized as a lawyer from the firm we used.

“Brad, dressed in liquor are we.” I inhaled deeply to prove my point and was stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t just booze saturating his scent. Mate.

A growl built in my chest as I grabbed the bear’s shirt. 

“What the fuck, Bentley?” His bear rose within him, pushing to get out, Brad’s eyes no longer his own and snapping me out of my building rage. 

“Sorry.” I stepped back. Could I take Brad? That was debatable. Did I want to find out? Fuck no. “I thought—never mind.”

“You’re lucky your business is more valuable than my pride right now, you dog,” his spit reached my face. “What a fucked-up day.” He turned around and started to leave, mumbling to himself. 

That could’ve gone much worse. I needed to get my shit together. 

“Stupid human shows up for a date and then the damn wolf gets in my face.” He walked out of earshot as the truth of what he’d just said rang clear. He’d had a date with Colin.

Did the man have a death wish randomly going on blind dates with shifters? And how did he even know how to set them up? Rob and his stupid-ass codes.

I stalked in the direction Brad had come, assuming he had been at the bar given his scent and level of intoxication. It took a lot to get a bear drunk. Chances were good that he started well before happy hour.

I opened the door, and sure as shit, there was Colin sliding off of the bar stool. Did the man want to die a painful death? In this place he was the prey.

“Shame he’s leaving. We might’ve had fun,” some piece of garbage called out from the back. My wolf wanted to go over there and tear his throat out, but not more than he needed to protect our omega. The omega. Colin.

He sauntered in my direction, putting on a brave face, his fear palpable.


I opened the door again, louder this time so everyone in the bar would notice. I needed them to see he was protected in case he ever attempted anything this dumb again.


My wolf needed to pipe down.

Colin met my eyes, stopping his journey only briefly and then closing the distance between us, attempting to walk around me. “Let me by.”

“You shouldn’t be here,” I scolded low and firm, my wolf so present my body shook slightly to contain him. 

“You are not the boss of—” 

Forget that noise, I grabbed his hand and hauled him out of there. I needed to get him home and safe.

His home.

Not mine.


I dragged him down to the corner, the one in the opposite direction of where I came. My wolf wouldn’t allow me to bring him closer to Brad, even if Brad was most likely already home and back to his drinking.

The scent of cigarettes to my left had me swapping sides with the omega, my fingers grazing and holding his for a few seconds and only pissing him off more. Did he not see I was saving his ass?

“Get your hands off me.” He shrugged out of my grip, and I allowed it. Out here I could protect him. It was one cigarette guy that reeked of rat and my wolf. No contest. In the bar? That was a completely different story. I might be fierce, but thirty against one never ended well for the one.

“We may have fucked, but that doesn’t give you the right to manhandle me.” 

The man with the cigarette stepped out into the light and started to clap, his eyes shifting. Yep. Rat. And the rat was eyeing my mate like a delicious morsel.

I turned my head and allowed my wolf to shine through, and he took the hint and scampered away as Colin took a step towards a car at the curb.

He drove! On top of meeting a stranger—a bear at that—at the seediest bar in town, he planned to drive home afterward?

It was official, Colin needed his own security team if these were the types of decisions he made.

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