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Honorary Blogger M.D. Neu: What’s Coming Next + Excerpt & Giveaway!


What’s Coming Next

by M.D. Neu

I want to start by thanking The Blogger Girls for having me here today on my third stop of my Blog Tour for A New World-Contact (Book 1). Considering this is the first book in a planned four book series I thought I would share where I am in the series writing process and what’s coming up next.

Now that Contact has been released, I’ve started working on the edits with my editor for book two, Conviction. Conviction picks up right where Contact ends and I’m thrilled that it will be released so quickly after Contact.  Conviction will hit the stores on March 11, 2019 so you won’t have long to wait for the next installment in the series. The reason Contact and Conviction are going to be released so close together is that the two books were originally planned to be a signal novel. Instead of my amazing publisher, NineStar Press, making me cut the novel down to fit the max word count of 120,000 they agreed to break the book into two parts. Contact comes in right around 70,000 words and Conviction has a word count right about 100,000. The next couple of months should be an exciting time for anyone who loves science fiction.

As planned book three in the series is called Conspiracy and I’m pleased to announce it is complete. I’m working on my final edits now. This novel has not yet been picked up by NineStar Press, but I’m hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed.

Book four, which is yet unnamed, will be the conclusion to the series (at least that is my plan). I have the story partially outlined, but no writing has started. This novel is farther out in the pipeline, but it is being worked on.

With respect to the A New World series, four books is all I have planned at this time, but there are two ideas lingering in the back of my mind. Both are prequels and deal with the Nentraee exclusively. I think the ideas are amazing, but currently they sit on the back burner simmering away.

I have one additional project slated for release this year. The novel is called T.A.D. The Angle of Death and it comes out on June 24, 2019. For now that’s all, however I continue to move forward with new ideas and of course new worlds.

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Honorary Blogger M.D. Neu: Inspiration + Excerpt & Giveaway!



by M.D. Neu


I want to thank the folks here at The Blogger Girls for having me here to start my Blog Tour for The Calling. With the story being out now for a couple of weeks I’ve been asked how I came up with the idea for this story. I thought I would answer that question here.

I started with my main character, Duncan.  Duncan is an everyman.  He could be your brother, your cousin, your best friend, or he could be that guy you pass every day on your way to the office. He is meant to represent all of us.  It doesn’t matter who you are, or who you love, you should be able to see something of yourself in Duncan. At least that is my hope.

As for the story idea, when I was a kid and even now I love vampires and vampire stories.  I watched and read everything I could about these amazing creatures.  However, the issue I have with these stories was that we were expected to believe that vampires could exist in our modern world.  Given we have cameras in everything and that we are watched 24/7 I wondered how vampires could really be.  How could you have a pack of vampires kill people without anyone ever finding out.  How would social media play into this?  What if someone live streamed a vampire attack and the video went viral?  How would vampires keep their secret?

Now that I had my main character and an idea of my story I needed to come up with a location.  I picked my hometown of San Jose, California, which is the heart of the technology. I thought it would be fun to set the book in a technology hot spot and poke a little fun at other better-known cities. And I really wanted to highlight San Jose and other local towns. I wanted to show people just what an amazing place this area of the country is and why we are so blessed to live here.

With my main character, my setting and my story idea (vampires and witches, which I always felt complimented each other), I started to populate my story and began writing.  I outlined the story and planned my world’s lore. The final product, which I’m hoping people will enjoy is, The Calling. Continue reading

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