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Meik&Sebastian – Obsessed #4 by Quin Perin: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Meik & Sebastian

by Quin Perin

“You know, my mom was saying she thinks you’re a bad influence on me.” Gabe took a swig from the can of beer clutched in his slender hand, nose crinkling in distaste. “She was joking, but you know, she wasn’t wrong.”

Meik laughed, glancing up at him. “You love it. Admit it.”

They were stretched out on a rumpled blanket in the backyard of Meik’s parent’s house, Gabe sitting up while Meik lay back. His mom was on vacation with her friends, and his father had ditched him in favor of spending the night with his mistress. Gabe had rushed over the moment school ended. Meik had skipped and, with the help of some of his older friends, gotten a case of beer for them. Not necessarily romantic, but it would do.

“Mm. Maybe I do,” Gabe agreed. “You know what I don’t love?”

“Spiders, bees, shag carpeting, pine trees, peas, bananas…” Meik listed everything he knew his boyfriend didn’t like.

Gabe snorted, reaching out and smacking his arm. “Stop that. You know that’s not at all what I meant.”

Meik’s grin was cheeky. “What don’t you love then?”

“Beer.” Gabe sighed, taking another sip. “It’s really fucking gross.”

“You’ve drunk like three whole cans!” Meik pushed onto his elbows, head spinning from the fourth can he’d finished off.

“Well”—Gabe giggled—“I’m a teenager, I’m supposed to be into underage drinking. I’m living up to expectations.”

“God, maybe you’re a bad influence on me.” Meik chuckled.

A wide grin crossed Gabe’s flushed face. “Oh, you fucking know it.” He giggled again, hand pressing into the blanket as he turned to the side. Ducking his head, Gabe connected their lips in a kiss tasting of cheap beer.

Gabe swayed as they kissed, arm soon giving way and sending his thin body crashing into Meik’s chest. His tipsiness caused him to fall back against the blanket on his back. As their bodies tumbled together, Gabe spilled the lukewarm beer all over Meik. “Oops!” Gabe laughed, untangling himself. “Sorry, Meik.”

“You sure don’t sound sorry,” Meik scoffed, tugging his wet shirt away from his stomach.

He pretended to be stern and upset, but Gabe was such a cute drunk. It was way too hard to be mad at him. His tipsy boyfriend tossed the now empty can behind him before flopping onto his stomach. He buried his face into the blanket, turning his head so he could peek at Meik. “Cuz I’m not really sorry,” he admitted in a murmur, dark curls bouncing with laughter.

“Rude!” Meik pushed himself off of the blanket, moving onto his knees.

Gabe hid his face away, muffling his mirth. His body shook, perky little ass wiggling as he shifted his hips. Wicked thoughts blossomed into sudden action. One of Meik’s large hand came down, slapping hard over Gabe’s ass. His hips jerked forward, whole body tensing. “Oh!” Gabe gasped.

Tense silence spread between them, Meik’s blue eyes turning to his tingling hand. Shit! What had he done? Apologies rushed from his mouth, tripping over his tongue. “Oh God. Gabe—Shit. I didn’t…fuck. I’m so, so sorry.”

Gabe peeked over his shoulder. Eyes wide, cheeks even redder than before. “Do it again?” His voice so soft Meik was sure he’d misheard.

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