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Cabin Fever by Roe Horvat: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Cabin Fever

by Roe Horvat

A cry tore me out of my sleep, and I shot up, awake and alert. It had come from Michael’s room. Gun in hand, I stalked through the cabin. I double-checked my phone, just to be sure. There couldn’t have been an intruder, or the security system would have alerted me.

I opened the door to his room. Michael lay on his bed, asleep, naked, completely. The sheets were bunched up around his legs. Brilliant moonlight flooded through the window, illuminating the barbells in his nipples, his hairless groin, his soft cock… Fucking hell.

His body spasmed, and he cried out again, a painful wail that made my hair stand on end. I put the gun on the nightstand and shook his shoulder.

“Michael.” He shuddered and convulsed, his mouth falling open. A nightmare. Well, someone had been trying to kill this boy. No wonder he had nightmares.

His pouty lips looked as if they strained toward me.

“Michael, you’re dreaming. C’mon. Wake up.”

His big green eyes popped open wide.

“Vincent?” he mumbled.

“You were having a nightmare. I heard you yelling.”

“Oh.” He sat up and looked around, confused. “Sorry.”

Then he seemed to wake up more properly. His eyes flickering from me to his naked body. I expected him to reach down to cover himself, but he didn’t. I let go of his shoulder immediately.

Leave, Nowak. Do it. Leave now.

Slowly, Michael turned his head to me and looked into my eyes. He seemed dangerously awake and very well aware of what his nakedness was doing to me. One of his hands slid down his torso, over one glinting barbell, and down to his crotch. He cupped his balls and wetted his lips, his gaze scanning my face with intensity.

Leave, Nowak. Now!

But I got stuck on his mouth again. My mind was empty except for the image of his sensual lips. They glistened with saliva, full, pink, and soft. Erotic. I felt as if he’d sucked me into him, stealing my sense, my self-control.

He moaned softly, and my eyes darted to his groin, where his hand was slowly stroking his now hard cock. Bare, completely hairless, his toned young body writhing in pleasure, torso arching off the bed, hips rolling… he was so beautiful it hurt me in my core. The tattoos on his arms seemed to morph in front of my eyes, swirling in hypnotizing patterns. He lay back down on the bed, never taking his eyes off me, and I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t.

He spread his legs wider, squeezing his shaft, the pink head peeking out, precum gathering at the tip. I wanted to taste it. With his other hand, he pulled on the barbells in his nipples, first one, then the other, and then he pumped his hips up, fucking into his own fist. He came, the cum splattering onto his belly in a fountain-like arch.

I stared at his mouth again, swollen and parted, harsh breaths puffing out.

He lifted one finger, covered with cum, and smeared it over his upper lip, looking at me with wicked, deep-green eyes. The tip of his tongue darted out, and he lapped at the cum, eyes closing, eyelashes fluttering.

“Please, Daddy, will you fuck my mouth?” he whispered.

His question was like a slap to my face.

I turned and ran out of his room as if my ass was on fire.

I closed myself in my bedroom and fell onto the bed, face down. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, my fucking god.

Immediately, I had both hands in my pajama bottoms, squeezing and stroking, picturing Michael’s mouth on me, those lips wrapped around my girth. I came in less than a minute. Sated, I breathed deeply, holding on to the fantasy for a few seconds longer, Michael’s fingers tracing the line of my back…

Suddenly, a vague feeling of wrongness made me tense. Where did I…?

Fuck, I’d left my gun on the nightstand in his room.

I’d left my fucking gun.

On his nightstand.

Fuck. Fuck. Fucking hell!

It was, no contest, the greatest, stupidest, most amateur mistake of my entire career. I’d forgotten my gun. What was I? Austin Powers? I was an idiot.

Michael fucking Bourgeon.

I waited for a half hour, then went back to his room. He was asleep, wrapped in his blanket like a burrito. I took the fucking gun and left.

I should never have taken this job.

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Release Blitz: Beautiful Beast by Roe Horvat + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Beautiful Beast by Roe Horvat

Kevin used to hold himself back, trying to keep his less conventional desires to himself. With Joakim, he feels free. It’s almost as if Joakim can read Kevin’s subconscious, touching the right places at exactly the right time, and whispering the most shameless things…filthy, and oh so satisfying.

Falling for Kevin is easy. Joakim can feel it happening and he’s powerless to do anything about it. With every touch, his desire grows. Men have chased him for his money and status before, but Kevin doesn’t seem to care about any of that. Maybe this time, Joakim should let himself fall, and hope the landing will be soft.

Available at: Amazon

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Third One by Roe Horvat: Exclusive Excerpt (NSFW)!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Third One (NSFW)

Only one last thing to do. After this, he wouldn’t have to see Marcus ever again unless he chose to. Luke needed the break. He would see the whole mess from a completely different perspective after a month or two. He’d be healthier for sure. This part of his life was over; he needed to say good-bye and start fresh. After I sleep for a day or five, that is.

He climbed the stairs. There was a sunroom up on the first floor. Sometimes at these parties, people would go there to rest and talk, take a break from the loud noise downstairs. Liam had always had a bar set up there and a group of lounge furniture.

But all doors were closed this time.

It was somewhere on the left, Luke remembered. The first or second door. He heard voices from behind the first door and paused. He knocked. Another sound but muffled by the door.


Oh, what the hell. He needed to get this over with. He grabbed the handle.

Luke burst through the door and froze.

For the ever-loving… Fuck!

Close your eyes. Go away. Run. Don’t look. Run!

He couldn’t move. His eyes wouldn’t close. Run! His feet were glued to the floor. He stood and stared like a mouse at a snake.

They didn’t notice him at first. Why would they? They were consumed by each other, kissing over Marcus’s shoulder, Liam’s hand on Marcus’s throat.

Marcus was naked, braced against the wall on his forearms, hands fisted. His back was curved beautifully, torso rippling with strain. Luke was, for the thousandth time, struck by the perfection of Marcus’s form, the grace, control, power… Luke had watched him, mesmerized, for years, fascinated with the defined muscles on his arms, his hands. He’d fantasized about exploring the base of Marcus’s throat, where the tendons met the collarbones. He’d worship the hollow between them, just that tiny spot… And now he saw Marcus just two meters away, naked but for one sock halfway off his left foot. Silly and oddly hot. The hollow between his collarbones was hidden underneath Liam’s palm. Looming over Marcus’s exposed, smaller body, Liam still had his open pants on, but he was shirtless, his tanned skin glowing. He held his man with one firm hand on Marcus’s hip, the other around his throat, and he pushed forward slowly, a powerful but controlled movement, until his hips were flush against Marcus’s ass cheeks. He stayed there, buried inside Marcus, and rocked them both, joined.

Marcus’s loud exhale echoed in the room, which seemed to darken with their passion. Luke should have hated seeing them. He should have been hurting, even nauseous. Maybe he would be in a second. But of all the things he’d ever seen in his short life, they were the most beautiful.

Luke stared at Marcus’s profile, hypnotized by the face of the man he loved, features warped by mindless pleasure. And he stared at Liam, long body all ropes and bones, sharp angles, hardened and defined by age, his every movement self-assured. A body of an immortal.

Liam retreated and slammed back inside, fucking harder, the muscles on his shoulders bulged, and Marcus moaned.

The door shut behind Luke with an earsplitting bang. Later, he would understand the simple, stupid detail that turned his world upside down and inside out. Draft. The door banged shut because of a draft. In that moment, he felt like someone shot him in the chest.

He stumbled backward, his head hitting the oak with a thud, and his shaking hand reaching behind for the handle. He fumbled, encountering only empty air.

That was when his and Marcus’s gazes met.

Luke felt his whole body catch fire. He was painfully hard, his nipples tingled, and his mouth flooded with saliva. He felt his blood pulse in his brain. Any second, he’d explode. Somehow, his gaze drifted to Liam’s black eyes, and he lost self-awareness. Because Liam’s eyes were hungry. It was like looking at his own desire impersonated. Liam’s magnetic gaze pulled him into the snake’s mouth.

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Release Blitz: Adam Only by Roe Horvat + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Adam Only by Roe Horvat

On stage, Adam lets his passion drive him. All his secret desires, everything nasty, dirty, and beautiful flows freely through him, for once in harmony. His soul thrives when his body moves, but only on stage. Adam’s passionate nature makes him a great dancer…and a failure at life. He’s a lonely, emotional mess. Going home with a man far out of his reach is the last thing Adam should do. Christoffer represents everything Adam isn’t: strong, independent, educated, and rich. His kind eyes, at odds with his brutish form, make Adam’s knees and restraint buckle.

Once Christoffer sees Adam dancing, he’s lost. The young man is mesmerizing, otherworldly, and unpredictable. Whatever might happen between them, it will be transient, and Christoffer will most likely get hurt. The temptation is too great, however, and the sex explosive. He might as well enjoy every moment he’s given, even if it’s just one day, maybe two. If Christoffer treads carefully, Adam might stay until Monday.

Available at: Amazon

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Release Blitz: The Other Book by Roe Horvat + Excerpt & Giveaway!

The Other Book by Roe Horvat

It was supposed to be just sex… Famous last words.

Tyler doesn’t overthink pleasure and avoids complications. He knows it might be stupid to get involved with his closeted boss, but the temptation is too great. At first, the cold and beautiful Joel Sandstrom seems to loathe Tyler’s guts.

Except one late night at the office, his reasons become clear…and his control breaks.

Every time they touch, Joel’s stony face comes alive, harsh lines smooth out, and for a minute, he looks serene. Happy, even. Just sex – dirty, intense, spectacular sex.

During their covert encounters, Tyler discovers the power he has over the lonesome man, and it’s a heady feeling. What if he could set Joel free and give him peace of mind? When Tyler realizes how much Joel needs him, he doesn’t regret breaking his own rules.

Available at: Amazon

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Audio Review: Vanilla Clouds by Roe Horvat

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: Vanilla Clouds
Author: Roe Horvat
Narrator: vance Bastian
Series: N/A
Heroes: Michal/Magnus
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 3 Hours, 45 Minutes
Publisher: Roe Horvat
Release Date: December 10, 2018
Available at: Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: “I could spend days listening to you talk about chocolate.”

Sex and chocolate are the two pleasures Michał enjoys most in life.

His sex life has been nonexistent for some time, though. After a particularly bad hookup, he keeps mostly to himself. That leaves chocolate. Luckily, he works surrounded by the most delicious, extravagant produce in Gothenburg. Beside his job at the chocolaterie, his main source of excitement is his online friend, Magnus, whom he stubbornly refuses to meet in person.

A customer turns up at the chocolaterie one day—tall, shy, and charming. He could be just the right man. If Michał can step out of his overly safe shell, there might be not only chocolate, but sex, too. Maybe chocolate-flavored sex. And if he’s lucky, maybe even love.

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Book Review: The Layover by Roe Horvat

Reviewed by Ami

Title: The Layover
Author: Roe Horvat
Heroes: Ondro/Jamie
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 104 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: July 19, 2017
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb: Eight years ago, Ondro Smrek fled Slovakia and the bigotry that drove his first lover to take his own life. The demons proved impossible to outrun, though, and now, desperate for somewhere to belong, Ondro is returning to start over. During a layover in Basel, Switzerland, he meets Jamie, an American living in Scotland who is as brilliant as he is beautiful.

Jaded Ondro never would have guessed he could fall in love during a brief layover—until now. When he is put in a position to offer Jamie comfort without hope of recompense, Ondro doesn’t hesitate. Soon, he catches a glimpse of the home he longs for. But with their separation looming, confessing his feelings would only lead to pain and humiliation. Life has taught Ondro not to hope, but then, he never believed in love at first sight either….
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